Loveforce International Releases Controversy and Protest

On Friday, January 14th, Loveforce International will release three new digital singles on controversial topics and give away an e-book on the subject of controversy in their honor.

Santa Clarita, CA, January 12, 2022 --( On Friday, January 14th, Loveforce International will release three new digital music singles. One of the singles is also a protest about the way people treat each other in the name of love. The other two digital music singles are controversial for completely separate reasons. Loveforce International will also give away a book in honor of the three new singles.

The most controversial of the songs being released is “School Shooter” by inRchild. The style of the music could be considered Psychedelic Pop-Punk. The song is about the anatomy of a school shooting. It includes what caused the shooter to do what he did and the consequences of his act both on him, his family, and the community where he lived.

Another controversial single being released is “I Need A Lover For My Lover” by Honey Davis. The song is in the Alternative Rock genre, leaning towards Hard Rock. The song is about someone who needs a lover for his lover and goes on to describe why he needs this and the qualifications he is looking for in a perspective candidate.

The third single coming out is a Hip Hop version of The Godfather of Love’s “In The Name Of Love.” The song is also a controversy because it deals with a controversial subject. The song protests, and gives examples of, ways people do cruel things in the name of love. Some of the subjects the lyrics touch upon are sex trafficking, cheaters, children of divorce and seniors warehoused in nursing homes.

The book being given away is both the English and Spanish e-book versions of Controversy by author The Prophet of Life. The book contains articles and stories about people who have been lightning rods for controversy including Donald Trump. Caitlyn Jenner, and Adolf Hitler. It also has stories and articles about issues that are controversial.

“This week’s releases have controversy covered. Whether it’s a controversial topic or people at the center of controversy,” said Loveforce International CEO Mark Thomas. ‘We are proud to bring music on topics not often covered in music to the public’s attention,” he continued.

The e-book will be given away, worldwide, on Friday, January 14th only, on Amazon exclusively. The three digital music singles will be released to iTunes, Apple Music, Amazon Music, Spotify, YouTube Music, Pandora, KKBox, Tidal, Deezer, iHeart Radio, Facebook / Instagram Stories, Soundtrack by Twitch, Touch Tones, Media Net, TikTock, BoomPlay, Snapchat, Pretzel, AudioMack, and Yandex.

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