Ron Glick Concludes His Chaos Rising Series with "Stranger's Silence" in Print and Kindle Format

Third Book in the Chaos Rising Series Releases on January 15, 2021

Kalispell, MT, January 14, 2022 --( FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE

Kalispell, Montana, USA | January 11, 2022

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Fantasy Author Ron Glick is known for nothing if not his diversity. In addition to the Chaos Rising series, he has authored the Oz-Wonderland series, the Godslayer Cycle and the twelve volume “Ron El's Comic Book Trivia” series, as well as penning two non-fiction titles. Now, this January, he returns to the world of Na'Ril to reveal the final destiny of the characters bound by the Tarinel's Song prophecy.

In “Tarinel's Song,” Ron introduced his readers to events occurring in another region of the world of Na'Ril, where his epic Godslayer Cycle is set – and to the idea that the consequences of a centuries-old prophecy could prove just as devastating as the battle between the Old Gods and New Order. Yet is the rise of an elder God long thought banished who threatens to destroy the entire world in revenge for his exile.

In “Stranger's Silence,” Ron continues to push the boundaries of fantasy with his epic tales of the role Gods play in fantasy fiction. The Tarinel's Song prophecy has shattered the world of Na'Ril with its consequences. A new God has been reborn while a dragon tyrant has fallen. And yet, the greatest of the consequences hangs ominously over the horizon: the return of the banished Elder God of Chaos, Alar, and the world's destruction.

The prophecy predicts two paths, one to set the Elder God free, the other to keep him bound away from the world. But can Katze, Terius, Baktha and the rest guide the prophecy down the most beneficial path, or is the world doomed to fall to the God of Chaos?

"Highly recommended to those who love a great fantasy story, filled with wonderful imagination." -Julie Elizabeth Powell, on “Tarinel's Song”

“[T]he author is a true storyteller. I have to admire the world he created and the way he meshed several stories and plot lines together.” -Crystal of Orchard Book Club, on “Tarinel's Song”

Ron Glick is a community activist and is currently the host of The Great Montana Conspiracy Podcast available through YouTube. Born in Plainville, KS, he currently lives in Kalispell, MT with two cats, Felicia and Wade. He is the author of The Godslayer Cycle and the Chaos Rising series, as well as the Oz-Wonderland series. He also authors the Ron El's Comic Book Trivia series and other nonfiction works. He loves contact and welcomes input on his work through his website at
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