The Code of Faith

Bayonne, NJ, May 15, 2008 --( Almost since the beginning of recorded history, people have struggled with the concept of God. Some of the greatest minds have tried to connect the things people could prove scientifically with those that had to be taken on faith.

While philosophers such as Aristotle managed to bridge some of the differences, as time and science progressed, the division seemed to widen. Despite seeing some of the greatest scientific discoveries ever, the science of the 20th century going into the 21st century seemed unable to prove that a greater spiritual presence existed.

Bayonne author Ken Nunoo believes he has uncovered a code that shows mathematically that God exists.

"The Trinity of Lights," a book published in October through Publish America, presents a mathematical approach to spiritualism, and seeks to provide people with a logical understanding of the spiritual universe. Nunoo hopes to make people understand that science - in particularly mathematics - is not something divorced from the spiritual world, but part of the same overall reality.

"My book provides a mathematical approach to spiritualism," he said during a recent interview.

The work pulls together five shorter pieces he had worked on, in a project he said took him three years to compile.

The idea is to use logic and reason, he said, to help people grasp the less tangible world of spirituality.

In his effort to find some code people could use to prove mathematically the existence of God, Nunoo analyzed letters, concepts of sound and mind, and above all, how important numbers are in making the connection between belief and scientific fact.

Since the number three appears to be at the center of this concept, he named his book "The Trinity of Lights."

"Everything has three components," he said, "even if you don't see them."

Science, culture, and music

Nunoo, the son of a spiritualist, has always been on the border between faith and scientific fact. He called his father, who worked among the tribes in Ghana, Africa, a prophet.

"I was born here, but raised there," he said.

But much of Nunoo's education came in the West, and he dedicated himself to trying to build a logical bridge between the two.

He said his talent involves bringing knowledge from the spiritual world into the everyday world.

Part instructional manual and part observation of how things work, Nunoo's book is designed to collect all those things he learned over the years into a place his own son could find them.

He tried to record some of the material in an electronic "blog," or on-line journal, but decided that he needed to it all in one volume.

"I wanted my son to know of my experiences and those experiences my father had," Nunoo said. "This is a legacy."

While the book has roots in the Bible and his upbringing in African spiritualism, Nunoo said the teachings and mathematical calculations could be applied to any religious faith.

Since mathematics plays a huge part in his education - he has a degree in management information systems from Pace University, as well as musical background, as he is a musical composure and poet - mathematics seems to be the logical tool for him to have used.

His code involves using musical notes to reveal aspects of sacred Biblical texts not obvious simply by reading, and through this, he finds that many key words in the Bible translate into "God" or "beginning."

Nunoo said he wants the book to become a way for people to realize that God can be proven mathematically.

In some ways, this may help solve one of the most troubling aspects of human existence, how to prove God exists, rather than simply taking that existence on faith.

Nunoo is currently working on another book. And, of course, he continues to compose music and poetry.

"I have written more than 300 songs," he said, noting that some of them can be found on the Web.

"The Trinity of Lights," can be purchased online,, Barnes & Nobles and at local bookstores, or through Publish America, the book's publisher. The second volume is "The Seed Master", which is published by LuLu, and is also available on Amazon kindle format.

Ken Nunoo