The AI Future Lab Launches with the World’s Inaugural "Youth and the Future of AI" Conference

San Francisco, CA, January 27, 2022 --( The AI Future Lab, a global community of youth and next gen leaders in the field of artificial intelligence, is launching officially with the world’s inaugural “Youth and The Future of AI” conference, to take place on February 11th and 12th, 2022.

The AI Future Lab was founded in 2021 by next gen leaders working in AI ecosystems around the world, spanning multiple professional and regional backgrounds. The digital infrastructure developed today will shape the future for decades to come. The AI Future Lab is launching with the mission to empower global youth to develop responsible artificial intelligence, democratize access to shaping its trajectory, and ensure equity, collaboration, and inclusion of communities around the world.

“Youth have always been at the forefront of social change, standing on the shoulders of those who came before them as we have seen in climate, civil rights, and prior social movements,” says AI Future Lab founding team. “We gather now to articulate what we believe should be core to AI, ensure equality and compassion are truly practiced for all humankind, and bypass mistakes made with previous industrial revolutions. We intend for the 'Youth and The Future of AI Conference' to be youth’s first step towards imprinting our values, beliefs, and hopes for a prosperous future through AI, and for the lab to be a global beacon for intergenerational collaboration to fulfill that mission,” the team adds.

The “Youth and the Future of AI” conference is spread over a day and a half. The first day hosts a suite of responsible AI-focused morning sessions and sector-focused afternoon sessions. Topics include: public engagement in AI, data colonialism, AI and the future of peace, and the role of AI in art, fintech, education, health, climate, and more.

The conference culminates on the second day as attendees convene for geography-focused workshops to craft a youth and next gen leaders AI manifesto, tackling the most critical AI-related priorities, opportunities, and risks of their communities. Regions consist of: South America, North America, Swana, Africa, Europe, Asia and South Asia.

Covering 6 continents, the AI Future Lab started with a community of 122 youth leaders from over 30 cities around the world and is continuously growing.

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