Ketsali Launches a New Category of Ultra-Luxury Second Home Ownership

Ketsali Launches a New Category of Ultra-Luxury Second Home Ownership
Dallas, TX, January 28, 2022 --( C.J. and Keren Martin, Dallas-area based owners of Ketsali, announce the launching of a new program which creates a more accessible category of ultra-luxury second home ownership.

As the world rethinks about how and when they want to spend time away from their home after Covid-19, Ketsali offers the best way to buy and own an ultra-luxurious estate home as a non-primary residence. Like other companies, Ketsali is modernizing the generations-old practice of co-owning a second home while adding professional management and technology to make scheduling dates and owning the home seamless and simple.

Buyers considering a destination holiday house or a luxury home in a city to visit throughout the year, can leverage their real estate investment dollar to multiply the level of quality, size and grandeur of their investment ten fold while eliminating the hassle and worry of maintenance and administration. Why pay for a whole house if you are only going to be there part of the time? Why share a lobby with 500 strangers and families redeeming points when all you want is to relax in your own sheets?

For every property in the Ketsali Program, they create a new entity to purchase a ultra-luxury estate home or villa and will furnish it with professional interior designed, high-quality furniture, art, amenities and everything needed to host a dinner party. Ketsali will vet accredited investors and sell fractions of the entity to create an exclusivity to the property available only to investors. When the time is right to sell the property, investors will also participate in any appreciable value the property recognizes.

The first property in the Ketsali Program is a 10,000 square foot villa located in the beautiful town of San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. San Miguel de Allende is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and sits 160 miles north west of Mexico City. It was named as the world’s best city in Travel+Leisure’s 2021 World’s Best Awards, thanks to its exceptional architecture, vibrant culinary scene, scenic vineyards and tasting rooms, arts and galleries and infectious sense of community.

About Ketsali (
Ketsali (pronounced “Ket – Sal – E”) creates a more accessible category of second home ownership by building and acquiring ultra-luxury estates and villas with newly created entities designed around co-ownership and reducing the cost and hassle of ownership. Ketsali manages the property and uses proprietary technology to make scheduling easy. Ketsali was founded by C.J. and Keren Martin.
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