Cheshire Joiner Announces Unprecedented Growth in Wall Panelling

Identifying any niches within a trade is really important to supporting business growth. Cheshire joiner is extremely pleased to announce such growth in wall panelling projects.

Holmes Chapel, United Kingdom, February 02, 2022 --( Squirrel Joinery are a time-served and much in demand joinery company based in Holmes Chapel, Cheshire. They have extensive experience spanning over decades. Although their practices are based on traditional methods and techniques, the trade has come on leaps and bounds over the years. Inevitably over time a trade will adapt and change. Something that dictates this is fashions and trends.

For any company, it is important that they support these trends and find ways of adapting to promote them. Squirrel Joinery are in an incredibly strong position in that they play an active role in their own business. This is managed predominantly through their search engine optimisation and marketing programme.

Having such an adaptive and evolving approach is extremely important. Furthermore, it has allowed this diverse company to gain growth and reputation based on this. Wall panelling is incredibly popular at the moment. It is used in many different fashions, ways and settings. Squirrel Joinery have done a brilliant job of capitalising on this and using their existing skill set to make it the best possible service.

They have promoted different types of wall panelling using visual and technical information to showcase their results. This offers their existing and future client’s valuable details and allows them to create a design that is specific to them and their property.

With increased enquiries for wall panel installation, Squirrel Joinery made a conscious decision to look further into this. This was done by looking into website analytics, digging further into keyword research and discussions with clients. All of this information propelled them to a specific route and plan in order to further promote this service.

Outwardly, the website has a page dedicated to the service. This goes into details about the different options available and images of these alternatives. Further details are offered on individual blog pages. These different elements are also interactive in the fact that clients can leave comments and enquire directly through each page.

Andrew Littler, founder of Squirrel Joinery commented, “It is always interesting to see new fashions and trends. We are skilled and trusted local joiners and demand for our services is taking us further afield. We noticed a significant increase in enquiries for wall panelling and this has allowed us the opportunity to grow through this. Our skills and passion for delivering exceptional results for each and every client means that we have seen yet another year of natural and exciting growth of our business.”

In times where some businesses are struggling, it is extremely exciting to hear of such success. It separates the stronger and more driven companies from those who are not willing to adapt. Squirrel Joinery go from strength to strength and are happy to share this news with their clients.

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