Modern Hybrid Rooftop Ventilation System Has Optional SelfClosing Raintop

The first Hybrid Rooftop to be built in America offers the best of free gravity air flow plus optional motorized air flow in one unit. It uses a very high performance turbine rain hat that allows air to flow up and out unimpeded. The turbine is the first in history to close all the blades and drop the top so all air movement is stopped so it acts just like a damper.

Temecula, CA, February 02, 2022 --( Kurt Shafer, Founder and Inventor at Invisco LLC in Temecula California has been designing building ventilation systems since 2008.

In 2015 he was contracted by CSR Edmonds in North Ryde, NSW, Australia, to be their United States Distributor for their Hurricane gravity ventilators and their ECOpower Hybrid Rooftop Ventilators.

In 2016 he improved the design to raise the powered air flow at static pressures above 0.11 inches of water from zero up to 14,000 CFM in a 36 inch throat.

In 2019 he invented automatic window opening systems that sense when the ventilator is on and open windows far enough for air flow but not enough for illegal entry.

In 2021 he invented the first turbine rain hat to ever be able to close up to stop all air flow just as traditional dampers operate.

These new self closing turbines are available in sizes from 12 inches up to 36 inches throats (the turbines are larger than the throats).

These are made in Southern California and can be shipped anywhere.
Kurt Shafer