LA Ice Machine, LLC. Helps LA Businesses Save Money in More Ways Than One

The ice machine letter guarantees scheduled maintenance, repairs, and replacements for all customers.

LA Ice Machine, LLC. Helps LA Businesses Save Money in More Ways Than One
West Hills, CA, February 09, 2022 --( LA Ice Machine, the commercial ice machine rental company that’s been operating in Los Angeles for the past four decades, has added more services to its programs. The ice machine lender revealed that it would be adding scheduled maintenance, on-call repair, and replacement services to all existing and future subscriptions.

Commercial and industrial ice machines are used for several purposes in the food, beverage, healthcare, and chemical industry. The automated technology is often equipped with ice bins to ensure pre-production, storage, and availability. A company representative believes they have added a fourth function to this technology.

“Our commercial ice machines enable pre-production, storage, availability, and minimum downtime,” said the representative. “By adding biannual scheduled maintenance to our subscriptions, we’re minimizing the downtime. How, you ask? Well, it’s quite simple. Every six months, we’ll be sending a team to make sure all the machines are in running order and fixing anything that isn’t, leading to fewer surprise breakdowns in the future. In the event of a breakdown, we’ll provide on-site and remote assistance. It would all be included in the subscription fee. What’s not to like about it?”

At present, the rental programs start at $134.99 per month and include unlimited water filter replacements, repairs, and biannual maintenance to optimize operations for over 2,430 businesses owned by 2,250 customers.

The ice machine company has installed more than 1,025 ice machines at various locations across Los Angeles, including food service businesses and restaurants, hospitals and healthcare providers, large facilities, corporate offices, hotels, and manufacturing or distribution plants.

Its primary goal is to provide clean and solid ice to these sectors by taking over the maintenance of its products and providing quick rehabilitation and replacement of machines and their individual parts.

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LA Ice Machine, LLC. is a provider of rental commercial ice machines. Their rental ice program includes renting out and installing ice machines, bins, and dispensers. They charge affordable monthly rental fees on all commercial and industrial ice makers. For more information, visit the website given below.

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