Washington-Based Hovair Systems Inc. Launches High-Quality Material Handling Equipment for Defense Applications

The prestigious Washington-based firm enters the United States defense market by launching premium material handling equipment and products to prevent workplace injuries and bolster material handling operations.

Washington-Based Hovair Systems Inc. Launches High-Quality Material Handling Equipment for Defense Applications
Kent, WA, March 30, 2022 --(PR.com)-- Employees working in the United States Department of the Army Civilian (DAC) often get hurt when they have problems with material handling. The DAC reports around 2,300 DAC injury claims filed each year at the cost of about US$50 million. It can be dangerous for people handling materials in such scenarios. Military and defense products such as machines, materials, and tooling systems must be safe, reliable, and premium quality. The use of material handling equipment in different military and defense operations is crucial for firms serving the defense and military industry of the United States.

Hovair Systems is a renowned manufacturing firm in Washington. The company's superior material handling products and tooling systems used for different applications are also common in the United States defense market. One of the primary reasons for the firm's successful material handling equipment is its extensive experience of more than five decades. Besides material handling equipment, the company manufactures air bearing kits, air pallets, airbags, lift decks, and paper rolls.

Hovair Systems serves the United States' defense and military with high-quality material handling equipment. One of the company's senior members said, "When it comes to mishaps with materials and equipment, the costs to the defense and military are huge. These injuries are preventable if workers use material handling equipment instead of lifting. It is always better for the workers to use the right material handling tools than to strain their bodies and risk getting hurt. Hovair Systems considers the types of mishaps that cause material handling injuries when designing premium material handling products for military and defense applications. We use a combination of innovative ideas and cutting-edge technology to manufacture high-quality material handling products, such as industrial turntables, air pallets, and automated guided vehicles."

Hovair Systems has been a leading manufacturing firm serving the United States' material handling needs for 50 years. The company's latest products for the defense market have become popular across the state of Washington. Prospective clients can contact the firm using the contact details given below.

About Hovair Systems
Hovair Systems, Inc. is a well-known manufacturing company based in Washington. The renowned company boasts decades of experience in the material handling and manufacturing industry. The company manufactures different tooling systems and products for the defense, aircraft, and industrial sectors. These include rigging equipment, industrial turntables, air compressor tools, lift decks, and die carts. The firm's premium products result from innovative ideas, the latest technology, and vast experience in the manufacturing industry.

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Address: 6912 S 220th Street - Kent, WA 98032
Telephone: 800-237-4518
Website: https://hovair.com
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