Pegasus Couriers Driver Feeds Deer While on Delivery Route

A delivery driver from Scotland made friends with a deer while driving to the Isla of Skye to drop off some parcels.

Edinburgh, United Kingdom, February 17, 2022 --( An UK delivery driver made an unlikely friend when he stopped to chat with a deer on the way to the Isle of Skye in Scotland.

Pegasus Couriers contractor, Marcin Witaszak, nicknamed by co-workers as Dr Dolitte, says that he often stops along the roadside to “chat with the animals” while on his delivery routes.

The encounter happened on Thursday (February 3), when Marcin spotted the herd of deer while en route to the Isle of Skye for deliveries.

In a short cellphone video clip, he stops alongside the road about 20 meters from a herd of about 15 grazing deer.

With his drivers side window rolled down, Marcin calls over to the herd prompting a young deer to approach the van hesitantly.

Surprised that the deer did not run away, Marcin talks to the herd in Polish. “I was talking to them when the one kept coming closer and closer. I then gave it a (healthy) rice waffle,” he said. “I think it was more curious than anything, or maybe it smelt the food.”

“Because I travel so much, I get to see so much of the beautiful countryside. I often see deer on my daily routes, but they run away whenever I have time to stop and see if they want a chat. So imagine my surprise when they did not all scatter when I stopped the van.”

Asked why he stopped, Marcin said that he loves animals and has even had conversations with sheep, ducks, horses, dogs and various other animals he comes across. “I just like animals. There is nothing like smelling the fresh air and having animals around you in the middle of nowhere while travelling the open road.”

Regional manager Michal Zwierzynski said that Marcin had been with the company for several years. “He is an experienced driver, and ever since I have known him, he has been an animal person. Doing these things while travelling makes it worth it. Being out in the fresh air meeting people, and animals, while driving around the beautiful Scottish Highlands.”

The Scottish Deer Centre Education and Conservation Manager Andy Foster said that deer were normally shy of people and usually ran away. “However, if people feed deer in a place they will keep coming into that area and habituate with humans and associate them with food.”

Foster cautioned that it could, however, be dangerous. “It also has to be remembered these are wild animals and can be unpredictable. One minute being docile the next kicking and thrashing at you.”
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Gareth Wilson