Michael Terence Publishing Announces the Release of "Variegations: 105 Poems of Feeling & Fancy (with Musical accompaniments)," by William Keenan

Michael Terence Publishing is excited to announce the release of "Variegations: 105 Poems of Feeling & Fancy (with musical accompaniments)," – poetry by William Keenan.

Oxford, United Kingdom, February 17, 2022 --(PR.com)-- About Variegations: 105 Poems of Feeling & Fancy (with musical accompaniments)
This original collection of poems can be "consumed" in any order. "Variegation" is its leitmotif, its raison d’être, its sine qua non even. "Feeling" and "Fancy" are its lifeblood, heart and spirit. As the author calls them – "sociopoems." Each has a trace – some stronger than others – of the social worlds in which they are set and to which, implicitly or more explicitly, they refer.
Each poem, bar one, has a designated musical accompaniment, an optional invitation to add a further variegated sensory – and sometimes sensual – experiential dimension to the literary mode.

This variegated book of feeling and fancy is intended to be enjoyed at numerous levels, and not simply endured.

This work is available worldwide via Amazon and all good bookstores:
Paperback (204 pages)
Dimensions 14.0 x 1.1 x 21.6 cm
ISBN-13 9781800942967 and 9781800942967
Kindle eBook ASIN B09RKNK489
Amazon URL: http://getbook.at/VARIEGATIONS
Published by in the UK by Michael Terence Publishing, 2022

About the Author
William Keenan has a First Class BSc (Soc) (London University) and a PhD (NTU) and has over 80 research publications on religion and culture, dress codes, postmodernity, and higher education.

He has edited four interdisciplinary volumes and, for a time, the journal Implicit Religion. He finds in ‘sociopoetics’ a creative antidote to the somewhat formulaic literary regimes of academia; and considers Variegations, his first published collection of poetry, a contribution to rebalancing the "two cultures" – Arts and Science – in favour of the Humanities. His recent published work is on the transdisciplinary challenges posed by the supercomplex "wicked problems" of the Anthropocene. William hopes his poems provide for readers a challenging - unusual, even - mix of serious reflection and outright fun.

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