South Dakota Declares April 26th Shared Parenting Day

South Dakota Becomes Sixth State to Officially Proclaim Shared Parenting Day.

Pierre, SD, February 18, 2022 --( Thanks to South Dakota’s lawmakers coming together, the state just became the fifth state to honor shared parenting arrangements by proclaiming April 26th as Shared Parenting Day. The legislature’s proclamation states that children are “South Dakota’s most important asset.” Further, the proclamation declares that children “benefit greatly if they have a relationship with two parents who are fit caregivers.”

“April 26th goes down in history as the day South Dakota designated to recognize that shared parenting arrangements for capable caregivers are best for children,” said Matt Hale, National Parents Organization board member and creator of Shared Parenting Day. “Research overwhelmingly shows kids want and need both parents even if they parents are now longer together. South Dakota’s legislature responded by giving the state a day to honor joint custody and equal parenting time for children.”

April 26th was chosen because it is the day the nation’s first equal shared parenting bill was signed into law. The law happened in Kentucky, which is also the first state to declare Shared Parenting Day. South Dakota also joins Missouri, Massachusetts, Maryland, Arizona as well as Kentucky, which have previously declared Shared Parenting Day.

“This is a great day for South Dakota’s children. Congratulations to Representative Tom Pischke who sponsored the resolution, and the Republicans and Democrats who made this happen,” said Dr. Don Hubin, chair of National Parents Organization, the nation’s largest shared parenting group. “South Dakota deserves to be commended for helping shape a better future for the state’s children.”

You can learn more about shared parenting at National Parents Organization’s website
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