Rivial Data Security Releases New Cybersecurity Platform

Rivial Data Security has developed a new Security Management Orchestration (SMO) tool for financial institutions. Leveraging software never seen before, financial institutions can be more secure than ever.

Cheney, WA, February 19, 2022 --(PR.com)-- Rivial Data Security, pioneer of the Security Management Orchestration (SMO) space, has released their premier cybersecurity software, the Rivial Platform. Developed specifically for banks and credit unions, this advanced software fills the gap on holistically managing the many aspects of a cybersecurity program and updates many outdated, traditional ways of tracking and analyzing IT risk and compliance.

One of the most impressive and distinguishing features of the Rivial Platform is the interconnectedness of the modules and their ability to communicate with one another. This concept alone increases the efficiency of any information security officer by tenfold. Another highlight of the Rivial Platform is how intuitive it is to navigate, a feature not found in many existing cybersecurity tools.

2021 saw the highest average cost of a data breach in 17 years, rising from $3.86 million to $4.24 million (IBM Cost of a Data Breach Report 2021). Breaches and cybersecurity incidents are no longer an if, but a when. The importance of cybersecurity for financial institutions cannot be minimized. These institutions often have minimal resources to manage an IT security program that includes keeping track of multiple tools, documents, spreadsheets, screenshots, and any organization’s weakest link, human error.

The Rivial Platform helps financial institutions manage:

Program Governance




Vendor Cybersecurity

Incident Response

“For 23 years I’ve watched organizations struggle with the growing burden of cybersecurity management as separate, unrelated functions. Knowing how dropping one ball can be catastrophic, having a single pane of glass to manage an entire security program is critical for today’s information security officer. We wanted to create software that ties everything together—risk, compliance, testing, etc—to quickly and easily manage a world-class security program. We achieved that vision of Security Management Orchestration with the Rivial platform.” -Randy Lindberg, Founder & CEO of Rivial Data Security

Rival Data Security
Rivial Data Security is a cybersecurity software firm founded in 2010. Devoted to helping financial institutions improve IT risk and achieve compliance, Rivial pioneered Security Management Orchestration (SMO) software, the Rivial Platform, to achieve these goals. The Rivial Platform was released in 2022 and integrates seamlessly with Rivial Data Security's elite cybersecurity services.
Rivial Data Security
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