Young Gen Z Brand Soda Launches at

Young Gen Z Brand Soda Launches at
Berlin, Germany, February 19, 2022 --( A series of worldwide launches, thousands of loyal fans, millions of TikTok views, bright aesthetics and great products - this is a glimpse into past two years of Soda success story.

Soda is not polished, dull or arrogant. It is not a brand that tells you what to do, it only makes suggestions. It's a brand that doesn’t judge you or try to improve you. And it is definitely not a brand that defines your flow. Nope, Soda just really likes to go with yours.

Soda believes that most important things aren’t things, but being experimental, creative, fun, real, kind, positive and imperfect and that narrative strikes a chord with today’s teens. It might be that secret ingredient why they feel they belong immediately. Because who wouldn’t if they were told:

“Soda doesn’t necessarily make you more pretty; but it does make you more you. Because it’s you Soda wants to see.”
Natalia Antoniou
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