Second Life - Monogram Virtua Brings Together Designers & Builders from Around the Globe in Virtual Space

Design/Build Expo May 17, 2008.

Santa Monica, CA, May 16, 2008 --( Inside Second Life, Monogram Virtua Entertainment ( is proud to sponsor its first annual Second Life Design/Build Expo. Hundreds of architecture and design enthusiasts from both the cyber and real worlds are set to arrive in Second Life May 17, 2008 to see the creative and the practical in Virtual World architecture at Monogram Virtua’s Design/Build Expo. The Expo opens at 9 AM Pacific Time on May 17th at the Convention Center on Monogram Tria ( where Monogram Virtua’s co-founder Harold Whaley (SL name Hdub Shepherd), and Marketing Director Andrea McCloud (SL name Anakalia Catteneo) will speak at the opening ceremony. Monogram Virtua’s other co-founder, Randall Rubin (SL name Dubble Rokocoko), will also be in attendance. A limited number of press passes will be available.

This is Monogram Virtua’s fourth virtual event in a series of aficionado based cyber world shows designed to bring the members of various Second Life communities together. The idea for the Design/Build Expo came from Randall and Harold’s search for experienced architects in Second Life to build out large projects for future clients. While in the cyber world, Monogram Virtua’s Marketing Director (SL name Anakalia Catteneo) contacted hundreds of Real Life and Virtual architects, landscapers, interior designers and furniture creators to participate in the event. The First Annual Second Life Design/Build Expo is an event designed to bring architects, landscapers, interior designers, and furniture creators together from both inside and outside Second Life.

Virtual builds will include works by builder/designers such as Marc Montague, Renee Faulds, Aminom Marvin and Hydra Shaftoe. Each builder/designer will be competing for a chance to win the grand prize of twenty thousand Linden dollars as well as other promotional benefits offered by Monogram Virtua Entertainment. Participants are required to create structures with complete landscaping and interior design on a 2,048 virtual square meter parcel located on Monogram Tria ( Builds will be reviewed and judged by peers and visitors during the event.

About the Builders

Marc Montague. Founder and owner of Bdmm Design, one of the most innovative design companies in the thriving virtual economy of Second Life (, Marc has the skills, experience and knowledge to make a client’s dream house in the Virtual World come true. In addition to getting an environment that suits a customer’s lifestyle as fully as it suits their house, Marc offers the client the complete package: design of the surroundings for the custom home inside and out in styles ranging from the pre-fabricated to completely individualized projects where the customers wishes come first. Marc’s builds include everything from the structures, textures, and lighting as well as the design of custom environments with breathtaking landscaping and hardscaping.

Renee Faulds. A custom home and structure builder, business woman and land broker, Renee’s virtual store is located at Odessa Enthralling ( In Real Life, Renee owns an international computer networking company and specializes in computerized crime scene reconstruction and network penetration testing.

Hydra Shaftoe. A full time virtual architect, event coordinator, and media specialist, Hydra has the ability to develop strategies to bring effective and useful virtual presences to life. Hydra has developed large simulator clusters for numerous corporate clients, charity simulators for Canadian national newspapers, NHS of London, the Department of Defense, and has worked with Sprott-Shaw University, to name a few.

Aminom Marvin. A top sculpted prim maker in Second Life, Aminom began creating sculpts when they were first released. Aminom was the first to create sharp edges on sculpts and the first to use them for architectural applications such as stairs and windows. Aminom invented the technique of what is called fractional prim sculpting: creating sculpts with several elements, often disconnected and self-stitched, on a single sculpt. Aminom is also the creator of a large line of sculpted gem shapes that are used as lapidary diagrams for architecture. In addition to sculpted gems, Aminom has a line of furniture, including modular couches that are very low-prim.

About Monogram Virtua Entertainment

Monogram Virtua Entertainment is a full service 3D virtual world consulting, building and design firm founded by filmmaker Randall K. Rubin and cutting edge digital entertainment technology expert Harold Whaley. Founded in the ever popular Second Life platform, which open its doors to the public in 2003 and has grown explosively and today is inhabited by millions worldwide, Monogram Virtua’s business centers around providing artists, entertainers, and entertainment business partners with a portal into the discover a vast digital community, teaming with people, entertainment, experiences and commercial opportunities. Imagine creating any business you want in the virtual world and having customers from all over the globe, who visit, become exposed to your products, and purchase both real life and Second Life merchandise with real exchangeable currency in an environment free from the restrictions of physical commerce. Second Life currently supports millions of US dollars in daily convertible currency transactions and countless more in traditional commerce generated by virtual world advertising of real life products, and Monogram Virtua is a premium conduit to bridge the gap between real world entertainment and 3D cyber commerce.

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