Ronn Torossian on Attracting High-Quality Leads on Instagram

New York, NY, March 16, 2022 --( Entrepreneur Ronn Torossian says that companies that use Instagram as their main promotional platform are always looking for ways to generate more qualified leads. Fortunately, there are several ways that they can drive better results by using Instagram ads. The ads need to grab the attention of prospects, but they also need to provide those prospects with something valuable in return. Businesses should go through their qualification processes and see whether their prospects are truly high-quality leads.

Collecting Details
In the ads manager section of the app, Instagram gives users a lead generation objective. This objective can help businesses better qualify their leads and collect contact details from right inside the app. Any campaigns that companies create with this objective can use instant forms or automated chat to generate leads and collect consumer data. When a company uses automated chat, consumers will communicate with a chatbot who will ask them the right questions and automate the qualification of the lead to determine if they're a good fit for the business. It's up to companies to set up those chatbots and the questions they pose to potential leads. These can include questions about consumers’ interests, buying habits, needs, and more. With forms, companies can ask potential leads qualifying questions and then collect their contact details without having to create an automated conversation.

Remarketing Audiences
Lead generation strategies can be very expensive and generate disappointing results if a company doesn't have the right audience in mind when creating its campaigns. To generate the right leads, companies should be targeting consumers based on their Instagram activity. This means creating ad campaigns that are targeted to users that have specifically engaged with the content from the business on Instagram, such as by commenting or saving a business’ post. Companies can also create lead generation ad campaigns by targeting users who have already shown an interest in the business, and by guiding them further along the buying journey to get them closer to conversion. Companies can do this by creating a custom audience that's filled with people that have previously visited their website, for instance.

Providing Valuable Information
Between collecting details from potential consumers and choosing the right audience to target, companies have plenty of work they need to do when creating regeneration campaigns. However, to really attract high-quality leads, companies have to offer something valuable in return to consumers for their information. There are plenty of things that companies can offer to leads to get their information, such as reports, e-books, whitepapers, guides, and more. It's important for the lead magnet to be immediately valuable to the potential leads, without having them digest an entire book to get the core information they need. Most of the time prospects are looking for a quick answer to their questions or their issues, and the faster a business provides that answer, the higher the odds of that prospect sticking around and turning into a customer.

Ronn Torossian is an author and entrepreneur.
Ronn Torossian