Aurajinn Announces Acquisition of Shopify App That Syncs Tracking Numbers with PayPal to Mitigate Payment Holds, Disputes, & Chargebacks

Prineville, OR, March 18, 2022 --( Aurajinn has announced their recent acquisition of an order fulfillment tool on the Shopify app marketplace. Cynkio was previously available on the marketplace as Paymate. This is the first acquisition made by Aurajinn, and they expect to purchase and relaunch at least one more Shopify app before the end of Q2, 2022.

Cynkio is currently the simplest app on the Shopify marketplace that automates tracking number entry in PayPal. The app is meant to replace manual data entry tasks and can save online store operators immeasurable time, depending on the number of orders placed in a given timeframe.

“We’re thrilled about taking over Cynkio and can’t wait to add new helpful features without diminishing the simplicity of the app as it is. The straightforward functionality is one of the things we love most about it. Our core mission is to make running an online store easier for Shopify sellers, and Cynkio doesn’t require any messing around. You simply install, connect to PayPal, and let the app work in the background.” -Chad Jensen, Co-Founder of Aurajinn

A UK-based business sold the app to Aurajinn in late February, 2022. Aurajinn plans to operate and grow Cynkio indefinitely as they grow their offer on the Shopify app marketplace.

About Aurajinn
Aurajinn was launched in January 2022 by Co-Founders Chad Jensen and Ashley Kimler. Kimler has worked in marketing for ecommerce and big tech for the better part of the past decade, and is also the founder of CopyNoise. Before this venture, Jensen was an electrician at Meta’s data center in Prineville, Oregon. As online store owners, they have a vantagepoint that’s relatable for the people they’re trying to help -- Shopify sellers.

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