Washington-Based Hovair Systems Inc. Offers High-Quality Material Handling Equipment for Spacecraft Applications

The Washington-based material handling equipment manufacturer introduces top-of-the-line industrial products for spacecraft applications.

Washington-Based Hovair Systems Inc. Offers High-Quality Material Handling Equipment for Spacecraft Applications
Kent, WA, March 30, 2022 --(PR.com)-- The leading material handling equipment manufacturer, Hovair, introduces a wide range of load moving solutions to put an end to the industrial problems experienced by spacecraft manufacturers. They aim to help aerospace companies improve their assembly line performance and flexibility. The company delivers services and builds products customized to its client's needs and requirements.

Hovair Systems helps industries speed up their processes, expand their operations and acquire greater control over their systems. Spacecraft manufacturers need large spaces for conducting their operations. Hovair’s load moving systems can help spacecraft manufacturers utilize their space effectively and provide them the necessary load moving equipment to maintain a clean environment in their industrial facility. Their air-bearing systems feature omni-directional movement and are made out of specialized material to ensure that it's compatible with other spacecraft manufacturing systems.

A representative of the company stated, "We’re known for our commitment, dedication and excellent customer services. We provide innovative load-moving solutions for all types of industries. Do you remember the Space Shuttle program carried out by NASA? We’re proud to say that our highly talented and qualified team of engineers and manufacturers created a customized rocket handling dolly, a device to move heavy motor sections. The device worked on the principle of air film technology and used a highly efficient air bearing system to transport parts."

As the technology continues to evolve, there’s an increasing need for the industries to improve accuracy and precision in all their systems, this is where Hovair’s industrial components come to the rescue. Spacecraft manufacturing companies can leverage their transporters to carry heavy engines and reposition components, high-quality turntables to conduct multiple staged tests, and reduce the weight of heavy equipment.

In addition to spacecraft manufacturing companies, Hovair systems also provide customized services for other applications, including but not limited to aircraft applications, embedded systems, entertainment, mass transit manufacturing, power generation, vehicle manufacturing, military & defense, reel & roll handling, shipyard.

About the Company
Hovair Systems, Inc.is a Washington-based reliable material handling company based in Seattle. The firm has demonstrated experience in manufacturing industrial tools and products and providing them to their clients from different industries.

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Address: 6912 S 220th Street - Kent, WA 98032
Telephone: 800-237-4518
Website: https://www.hovair.com/
Email: info@hovair.com
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