Baere Bikes, a US-Based Electric Cargo Bike Company, Opens for Business in Seattle

Baere Bikes offers an affordable range of electric cargo bikes aimed at reducing family gas bills.

Seattle, WA, April 04, 2022 --( The Baere Bikes founding team of Stewart Jensen, Nicholas Jensen, and Killian Lannen officially launched their new business in Seattle on March 30, 2022. Based in the Pacific Northwest, Baere Bikes is offering customers nationwide electric cargo bikes at an affordable price point, which they see as an attractive alternative to gas-powered transportation.

Originally invented in Denmark, cargo bikes are a type of bicycle designed to carry heavy loads as well as children and pets. Cargo bikes have been popular with families in Europe for many years and are gaining popularity in the US.

“I was born and raised in Europe,” said Baere Bikes Co-Founder Killian Lannen, “when I was growing up it would be common to see cargo bikes on the streets. After moving to Seattle, I wanted to buy a cargo bike for my family, but I couldn’t find an option that I could afford. This was the spark that led to our founding Baere Bikes.”

Unlike the traditional European designs, the bikes offered by Baere Bikes include an electric motor. The electric motor sends extra power to the wheels while you pedal, reducing the effort required from the rider. Electric-assist motors have become common in road bikes in the last 5 years.

“These are the perfect choice for families,” Killian noted. “All our bikes come with seats and seat belts which can fit children 18 months and older. Right now, we’re offering a 2-seater and a 4-seater, with more designs in the works, so there is something for families of all sizes.”

With gas prices at their highest levels in decades and no end in sight, the Baere Bikes team is betting that families will want to swap their car for a bike when making trips to the store or taking family outings. Short trips make up the majority of household driving and are a major contributor to a family’s monthly gas bill. Baere Bikes estimates that replacing these short trips with a bike ride could save family big at the pump.

“To me, it’s a no-brainer,” said Killian, “in addition to the savings on gas, would your kids prefer to be sitting in the back seat of a van when it’s 85°f in July or the front seat of a bike with a cool breeze? I think the choice is obvious.”

The Baere Bikes electric cargo bike collection includes 3 bikes, named after the Scandinavian capitals, an homage to where the iconic design was invented. The Oslo and Stockholm, both 2-seaters, and the Copenhagen, a 4-seater.

The company is currently offering discounts on all bikes to promote its launch. More information is available on the company's website.
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