FishOS by Sardina Systems Runs DKRZ Cloud

Sardina Systems is thrilled to announce its collaboration with DKRZ, the German Climate Computing Center. Their enterprise cloud management platform FishOS powers the OpenStack and Ceph-based cloud system to support climate research at DKRZ.

London, United Kingdom, April 07, 2022 --( As a national HPC center specifically for Earth system research, DKRZ provides high-performance computing platforms, sophisticated and high capacity data management, and superior service for premium climate science to researchers in Germany. Climate science is primarily basic research aimed at understanding the statistical properties of the climate and calculating them as realistically as possible over long periods of time. This research requires an exceptionally balanced overall system consisting of highly specialized components for the efficient calculation, storage, analysis, and visualization of the climate model data.

To complement DKRZ's HPC system and archive with cloud services, Sardina implemented its FishOS solution allowing the enterprise to manage the cloud system with fully automated, flexible, reliable, scalable operations and Zero-Downtime upgrades. Sardina Systems secured smooth migration of the cloud system from another open-source platform. Today, the FishOS solution architecture perfectly meets DKRZ workload requirements.

Before being archived or scientifically analyzed, the data from the simulations carried out at DKRZ must be processed and quality controlled. Many work steps are intertwined when developing the climate models: from adapting the models to preparing experiments and analyzing the data. This step requires consulting previous models or accessing necessary data to achieve planned results. Eventually, the processed data will be distributed to the climate community via web portals like World Data Center for Climate and others hosted on the cloud infrastructure. FishOS enables high availability by default; it ensures a continuous flow of climate data and quick access to it.

DKRZ provides services specially designed to support climate researchers in their work with highly complex simulation models around the workflows in model development and data production. Workloads may vary in intensity and can require different levels of scaling. When workloads are particularly intense, the FishOS system can automatically scale up to thousands of servers to guarantee a smooth and constant work process. And when the routine is less intense, the system will scale down the servers in the same automatic manner.

"The solution provided by Sardina makes running OpenStack on-premise an easy task. Running our cloud on the DKRZ site helps us process and analyze vast amounts of data produced by the supercomputer Levante, preventing the transfer of tremendous amounts of data across the world. Competency and cost-efficiency are far ahead of its competitors," stated Ulf Garternicht, Head of Systems Department at DKRZ.

Kenneth Tan, Sardina Systems' CEO, commented: "Due to our long-term successful experience in collaboration with research facilities, Sardina Systems precisely knows the importance of constant workload maintenance. We provide strong expertise and technical support for private cloud environments in Research and Science sector. The DKRZ cloud systems powered by FishOS enable integrative analysis for global climate science and the efficient use of essential data in research and application development while saving energy and optimizing TCO."

About Sardina Systems
Sardina Systems is a leading European operation management software developer and vendor headquartered in the United Kingdom, with a local presence in Germany, Luxembourg and Ukraine. FishOS, the brainchild of Sardina Systems, is a private cloud management software platform enabling enterprises to rapidly experience the value of scalable, agile, and flexible OpenStack and Kubernetes clouds while maximizing the utility of their resources with zero-downtime operations. Sardina Systems delivers a full suite of operations management tools and professional services and support that allows its customers to overcome large-scale data center operations challenges.

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About DKRZ
The German Climate Computing Center (Deutsches Klimarechenzentrum, DKRZ) is a central service center for German climate and earth system research. Its high-performance computers, data storage, and services form the central research infrastructure for simulation-based climate science in Germany. DKRZ offers its scientific users an extensive portfolio of tailor-made services. It maintains and develops application software relevant to climate research and supports its users in matters of data processing. Finally, DKRZ also participates in national and international joint projects and cooperation with the aim of improving the infrastructure for climate modeling.

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