Versasec Releases Latest Version 6.3 of Their Credential Management System vSEC:CMS

Version 6.3 of the award-winning credential management system now manages FIDO credentials and features a new user application interface.

Stockholm, Sweden, April 07, 2022 --( Versasec, the leader in identity and access management (IAM) software, today announced the release of its newest version, vSEC:CMS 6.3. The new version of the credential management system software now includes management of FIDO credentials integrated with the existing public key infrastructure (PKI) credential lifecycle management. Operators can additionally enroll their users' FIDO credentials into the Gluu IdP.

With its flagship product vSEC:CMS, Versasec enables the highest level of security by focusing on digital identity management. vSEC:CMS empowers companies of all sizes to easily deploy and manage virtual and physical smart cards, tokens, Windows Hello for Business and other PKI based credentials to enable the strongest form of authentication from the day an employee joins until departure.

The newest version features a new enhanced user interface and friendly user experience for its user application. An intuitive update to bring functionality and design together.

vSEC:CMS now allows administrators to generate a new system master key in HSM using the AES algorithm. Once a new master key is generated all vSEC:CMS registered credentials can be updated so their keys are derived from the new AES master key.

“We are very excited with the new FIDO integration vSEC:CMS 6.3 provides. Our customers will greatly benefit from being able to leverage our powerful credential management system for FIDO credentials. Our team continues to deliver high security authentication through digital identity management, now including FIDO,” announced Joakim Thorén, CEO of Versasec.

The new version also incorporates a variety of enhancements, updates and automated tasks, including the following:
-External permission validation is now also available for LDAP directories.
-Updates to the PIN management of Thales eTokens.
-Improvements to the DB restoring process.
-Introducing performance tracking to identify environment bottlenecks.
-Support for device certificates for Sectigo certificate authority.
-Managed credentials PUC are now updated as part of the new master key generation process.

About Versasec
Versasec’s award winning credential management system vSEC:CMS offers a new approach for managing physical and virtual credentials allowing organizations to take advantage of powerful applications that require the highest level of security. Versasec enables a higher level of security in an increasingly connected world with growing numbers of remote workers and online business by focusing on user credentials that enable strong multi-factor authentication, digital signatures and encryption. Versasec’s flagship credential management product, vSEC:CMS, helps companies of all sizes easily deploy and manage virtual and physical smart cards, tokens, RFID and other PKI credentials throughout their lifecycle. Software developed by Versasec is available for on-prem and private clouds or as managed services (SaaS).

Versasec has offices in Sweden, USA, Germany, France, UAE, United Kingdom, Malaysia and Egypt. It is headquartered in Stockholm. Its customers enjoy first-class support, maintenance, and training. Versasec's products and services are available worldwide through an extensive reseller network and via the Versasec web site: Follow Versasec on LinkedIn (@versasec), Twitter (@versasec), and Facebook (@versasec).
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