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Pro Rubbish Removal Brisbane Encouraged Homeowners to Continue to Recycle Right

Brisbane, Australia, April 07, 2022 --( Experts Push to Bring Brisbane to Forefront of Sustainability Movement.

Today, Pro Rubbish Removal Brisbane called attention to the ever-growing importance of recycling. As the world attempts to push toward a more sustainable future, it has become more crucial than ever to diligently adhere to the recommended recycling practices. Although the first recycling factory opened in 1904, it wasn’t until the 1970s that recycling became more mainstream. Despite the growing popularity of recycling that came with the environmental movement of the 70s, many households didn’t adopt the practice until the 90s and early 2000s. While this is a step in the right direction, we have a long way to go before we can offset the impact of landfills and wasteful habits.

Recycling, which is the process that converts waste materials into different and new materials, helps to counteract some of the negative environmental impacts caused by an overuse of landfills. Currently, landfills are the biggest source of human-generated methane, which is a greenhouse gas known to be 21 times more destructive than carbon dioxide to the ozone. Landfills are further hazardous because they eventually all leak toxic leachate (the juice accumulated from the garbage onsite) which contaminates both soil and groundwater in the surrounding area.

According to a number of scientific studies, roughly 90% of items we throw away could be recycled in some form. This statistic is shocking when you consider the popularity of recycling, but illustrates the dire need for recycling education programs and a greater awareness of the environmental impacts of our choices and behaviors. In a world beleaguered by single-use plastics and individually packaged snacks and items, an awareness of what can and can’t be recycled is crucial.

Brisbane already has a well-developed recycling infrastructure in place, setting a standard for Australians everywhere. Local residents are so passionate about recycling that the city was even selected to pilot an Australian mobile app aimed at improving recycling practices and correct misinformation. Brisbane officials have reportedly been working towards reducing the number of recyclables that are disposed of incorrectly since 2012. Reports indicate that they’ve seen a great improvement— when efforts began, 28% of recyclables were being placed in rubbish bins, and as of 2020 that number has dropped to 15%. While these numbers are impressive, a lot more can be done to improve the strength of Brisbane’s recycling program and educate residents on proper procedures.

Materials that can be recycled include:

Glass — bottles and jars; clear, brown, and green glass
Paper Cartons — milk and juice cartons, single serve juice boxes
Newspapers — including newspaper inserts
Aluminum — food trays, pie tins
Mixed Paper — junk mail, catalogs, magazines, cereal boxes, envelopes, office paper, paper egg cartons, phone books, glossy paper, Post-It-Notes, paper bags, paper towel rolls
Corrugated Cardboard — must be flattened
Plastic — bottles, jugs, yogurt containers, margarine tubs
Metal Cans — steel, tin, empty aerosol cans, aluminum

Materials that cannot be recycled include:

Aluminum Foil
Plastic Wrap / Cling Wrap
Paper Towels
Window Glass
Mirror Glass Black Microwavable Trays
Light Bulbs* — *some fluorescent lightbulbs can be recycled but have specific directions that can be found online
Plastic Bags

Many of these items that cannot be recycled are frequently found in the recycling while items that can be recycled are found in the rubbish, which is why education on recycling practices is crucial for the success of environmental programs. In addition to adhering to the strict guidelines about what can and can’t be recycled, there are also guidelines regarding how recyclables should be prepared. The procedure is as follows:

Empty all containers. Labels and lids can remain on.
Breakdown and flatten all corrugated cardboard.
Secure the lid of the recycling bin — this prevents papers from flying away.

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