Which P A C S Vendors Best Address Provider Need

KLAS’ PACS report for large hospitals found a significant range in healthcare provider scoring of their PACS solution. With more than 70 PACS solutions available in the marketplace today, data presented in this report represents the experiences of more than 600 healthcare professionals currently utilizing a PACS vendor.

Orem, UT, May 19, 2008 --(PR.com)-- Implementing a PACS solution in a hospital or healthcare facility offers benefits such as streamlined efficiency, higher quality patient care, clinician satisfaction, and cost savings. However, with more than 70 PACS solutions available on the market today, solution selection is not much easier today than it was when KLAS first began monitoring PACS vendor performance in 2001.

In this year’s report, KLAS collected data from more than 600 respondents employed at hospitals with 200 beds or more. The purpose of this study was to report on the current vendor performance trends in the PACS market. Essentially, data presented in this KLAS report provides a window into the lives of healthcare professionals currently utilizing PACS solutions.

Today, it is rare to find a large hospital without a PACS solution. A majority of these hospitals have utilized a PACS for four or five years. As such, the PACS market for large hospitals has entered a replacement phase to some degree. Seven percent of respondents in this study indicated that they are considering replacing their current PACS vendor.

Some of the biggest drivers for purchase decisions are functionality, ease of use, integration issues, cost, and previous vendor experience. In this report, there was a significant range in provider scoring, which suggests that there are material differences in vendor and product performance.

Vendors included in this report are Agfa, AMICAS, Aspyra, BRIT Systems, Carestream (Kodak), Cerner, DR Systems, Emageon, eRAD, FUJIFILM, GE, Infinitt, Intelerad, McKesson, Merge, NovaRad, Philips, ScImage, Sectra, Siemens, and Thinking Systems.

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