New Technology in Synthetic Deer Scents - Lucky 7 Mock Scrape Magic Deer Scent Powder

There have been scented, urine sprayed talcum scents before, but never a synthetic powder that is 100% scent and not filler or carrier.

Fond du Lac, WI, April 16, 2022 --( Lucky 7 Mock Scrape Magic, the newest scent from Nelson Creek Outdoors is the first of its kind. It contains synthetic urine, perfected tarsal gland and pheromones, all in a unique powder format. Once applied, parts of the scent remain fresh, while others slowly age, creating the perfect illusion of a deer scrape visited often over a long period of time. Easy to use, easy to keep and extremely effective at bringing in whitetail deer and Monster Bucks.

This new scent, and all of their existing scents, carry the Lucky 7 brand to the forefront of the deer hunting industry. These are unique formulations by an experienced scent formulator and they are made to attract deer on the biological level. NCO is not just another peddler of "pee perfumes" that are meant to attract hunters instead of deer, making them a trusted brand in the industry.

"Our success is measured by your success, whether trophies on the wall or venison in the freezer. Our goal is to continue to offer the best in synthetic deer scent technology." - Brian, Owner Nelson Creek Outdoors LLC

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