Security Startups Are Outsourcing Industry Awards with Security Awards Guru

Awards-as-a-Service provides opportunities for businesses to remove some of the burdens of applying to industry awards to painlessly build brand credibility.

Los Angeles, CA, April 19, 2022 --( Security Awards Guru, a leading group of skilled cyber security marketers that provides services in industry awards applications, announces a long-awaited solution to the often-frustrating path toward building brand credibility in the cyber security industry. Awards-as-a-Service is Security Awards Guru’s clever way of reducing the painstaking hours businesses spend researching, writing and applying for awards they may not even win.

With the growing saturation of cyber security startups flooding the industry, many new companies do not know where to begin building customer trust and brand visibility. Oftentimes, businesses will begin with the intent to apply for a few industry awards, but they have no clue what they’re up against and how to best position their brand as an industry leader.

By providing Awards-as-a-Service, Security Awards Guru brings the structure and assistance cyber startups need to easily apply to the awards that best fit their brand — without all the fuss and confusion.

Cyber security startups can let the team of experts at Security Awards Guru take the burden of researching which awards will best fit their brand mission, prepare a thorough budget for the awards season, keep track of submission deadlines, and more. The cyber security industry has been lacking this type of service in recent years, leaving companies uncertain about how to start building brand awareness.

Once awards are won, finding talent and gaining a loyal customer base becomes a breeze, and Security Awards Guru is able to provide this solution to its fellow cyber security professionals.

Cyber marketers can now skip the tedious application process with the help of Security Awards Guru and their longed-for solution to applying to the awards that make emerging brands stand out among the crowd and bring them to industry-leading status.

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About Security Awards Guru
Security Awards Guru was founded to help cyber security startups cut through the confusion and uncertainty when applying for industry awards. Their staff consists of industry professionals with years of cyber security marketing experience who are skilled in research, writing and automation. Security Awards Guru knows it is increasingly difficult to build brand awareness in an overly saturated industry like cyber security. That’s why they are committed to pioneering “Awards-as-a-Service” to help cyber startups make sense of the hectic landscape of industry awards by identifying the most impactful awards and giving them structure with a clear budget and timeline.
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