CEO of Charleston’s First Distillery, Striped Pig, Drives Change in Spirits Industry

Striped Pig Distillery joins the SC Craft Distillers Guild to help shift outdated legislation.

Charleston, SC, May 05, 2022 --( The award-winning, woman-owned Striped Pig Distillery (SPD), accoladed Charleston’s first distillery since prohibition and South Carolina (SC) Producer of the year, recently announced it has joined the SC Craft Distillers Guild, a non profit trade association. SPD will attend quarterly membership meetings to discuss regulatory and legislative needs, and other happenings in the industry, that will support SC craft distilled spirits manufacturers and the communities they serve. On April 20, a spirited reception was held to foster relationships between the Guild members and local legislatures. Recent legislation topics include permanently permitting the sale of to-go beverages containing alcohol, the regulations for which were eased during the pandemic. The Guild looks to advocate for the same rights for distilleries and spirits consumers that have been established for other types of alcohol sales and producers, like breweries. SPD is driven to help remove business impediments for distilleries, as restrictive and archaic legislation can block business investment and economic growth in the state, as well as hinder growth at the local business level.

With nearly a decade of experience and a solid track record of delivering socially responsible beverages while simultaneously impacting the economic empowerment of communities, Striped Pig CEO Pixie Paula is no stranger to taking on challenges in the industry to help drive it forward. Three years ago in Atlanta, Georgia, she successfully argued and educated the need for regulatory changes to the Forsyth County Board of Commissioners, who unanimously voted to update zoning standards, allowing for micro-distilleries in the county, the potential for investors and local businesses to grow, and economic and social opportunity for the area. When restrictions on brewers were lifted in SC in 2014, permitting increased volume of on-site sales, to-go sales, sale of food and alcohol other than beer, and expanded hours of operation, the number of breweries in SC rose from 31 to 95 in a five year period, serving as an economic and cultural boon for communities across the state. While some reforms were made for SC distilleries in 2019 to bring them more in line with breweries and wineries, retail bottle sales are still prohibited on Sundays and restricted to certain hours the rest of the week. SC is one of only seven states remaining that still prohibits the retail sale of distilled spirits on Sundays, despite alcohol being available for purchase and consumption at restaurants, bars, breweries, and other establishments. SPD is hoping to help shift SC distilleries into the same favorable space as breweries, as well as support the image to investors, businesses and consumers that SC is a thriving economic community open for business.

The award-winning Striped Pig Distillery is a woman-owned, family-run, community-driven business. Recently accoladed "SC Distillery of the Year" and "SC Producer of the Year" at the New York International Spirits Awards, Striped Pig is known for its exceptionally good spirits and has picked up multiple awards for its staple lineup of spiced rum, gin and vodka at the most influential, internationally respected spirits competitions. As a small local business, SPD aims to work with and support the local community and other local businesses, encouraging celebrating responsibly together. During the pandemic they produced and donated hand sanitizer, using local brewery waste, to support local organizations’ needs. With their partner Local Choice Spirits, launched by Pixie in 2010 and parent to award-winning diversity brands, they help give back to veterans and local causes and organizations through their Sip & Share platform. Most recently they co-hosted the Best Medicine Brigade’s Tri-County Veterans Support Network Fundraiser, raising nearly $40,000 for local veterans. Striped Pig Distillery also made headlines over the past year for the launch of Charleston’s first Bottled in Bond Bourbon.
Striped Pig Distillery
Rahyl Sanchy