MTS' Chart-Topping Singer-Songwriter Opens Up About His Personal Battle with COVID-Related Chronic Pain on Latest Single

MTS' Sarantos has released his new single, “Looking Up (at the world).” The Chicago-based artist has struggled with chronic back pain since his bout with COVID.

Chicago, IL, May 13, 2022 --( On his 2021 album release, “COVID Survivor,” MTS' Chicago-based singer-songwriter Sarantos revealed his diagnosis and struggle with the Coronavirus. The album pulled back the veil with iTunes chart-topping singles, “I Never Catch the Train,” “911 & The Fallen,” “I Just Don’t Care,” and more. Now, the prolific artist is opening up about his personal battle with chronic back pain, following his COVID ordeal. His new single, “Looking Up at the World” is the autobiographical tale of his fight to regain his health.

“This sad rock song was inspired by my chronic struggle with thoracic back pain, which I got after a bout with coronavirus way before the vaccine was available,” He reveals how bad it got. “It was bad, even requiring surgery. I used the brace, did rehab, worked out, stopped working out and took it easy – I did everything I could and still had nonstop debilitating pain. It was only better when I laid down flat. All I could do was look up at the world as life passed me by…”

“Looking Up at the World” is out now.

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About Sarantos: Sarantos is a DIY international award-winning solo music artist, #1 iTunes UK Charting singer-songwriter, #1 iTunes South Africa Charting Folk & Country artist, proud nerd, multi-instrumentalist, book author, comic book nut, radio show host, poet and part time spy. His music is a cross between Justin Bieber, Queen, Journey & Ed Sheeran. He’s an alien who landed here to infect the human race and spread the disease of music. 2022 is Year #9 of his journey as he continues to release a new song, lyric video, music video, book chapter and poem every month bringing his music to life. In 8 years, he has released 16 albums with 202 original tracks as well as 8 fiction/fantasy books that parallel the songs. He has had numerous media placements for his songs, instrumentals & cues.

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