9th Annual Brain Health Summit Attracts Who’s Who Before Super Bowl LVI

Each year before the Super Bowl Leigh Steinberg and Dr. Nicole F. Roberts bring together the leading voices in sports, neuroscience and philanthropy to advance understanding of brain injury, prevention and treatment.

Los Angeles, CA, May 18, 2022 --(PR.com)-- Leading up to Super Bowl LVI, the 35th Annual Steinberg Super Bowl Party once again played host to the annual Brain Health Summit created by Leigh Steinberg of Steinberg Sports & Entertainment (SSE) and Dr. Nicole F. Roberts of Health & Human Rights Strategies (HHR), bringing together the who’s who in mental health, media, policymaking, medicine, sport, and entertainment to discuss and deliberate the current state and future of mental wellness in media and sport.

For the past nine years, Roberts has moderated the brain injury and recovery-related event during the Leigh Steinberg Super Bowl Party, using her background in neuroscience, public policy, and philanthropy to bring together stakeholders in the brain and mental wellness spaces to collaborate with those in sports and entertainment.

The 2022 Brain Health Summit focused on mental health, diversity, and the impact portrayals of mental health in Hollywood have on society and individuals – with Sony Studios in LA serving as the perfect backdrop for the conversation.

The overall theme of the 9th Annual event was “How to Build a Resilient Brain.” Although mental health cannot be separated from physical health, too often the recognition and treatment of mental illness and injury are neglected in our society. At the 9th Annual Brain Health Summit expert panelists discussed the internal and external factors that play into brain function, and the role access to care plays in rewiring our brains. Panelists also leaned into the impact honest communication, storytelling, and portrayals of mental illness in Hollywood can have in destigmatizing mental illness and normalizing conversations about wellbeing.

Speakers included Dr. Michael Yassa, Dr. Jen Welter, Ricky Williams, Kishori Rajan, Dr. Jason Keifer & Sia Anagnostou.

The Steinberg Super Bowl Party also played host to the Brain Health Lounge, an interactive and immersive experience taking place throughout the event. Guests of the Steinberg Super Bowl Party had the chance to learn and engage with state-of-the-art technologies and scientists to learn about optimizing brain health.

About the Leigh Steinberg Super Bowl Party and Brain Health Summit:
For the past 30+ years at venues across the country, the Steinberg Super Bowl Party has been a feature attraction of Super Bowl week. The party is described as a glittering extravaganza that brings together sports, Hollywood, politics, media, and some of the most powerful executives and companies in the country. The Brain Health Summit was added as the premier lead-in event to further integrate philanthropy and science into the star-studded event.

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