Loveforce International Announces June 2022 Book Giveaways

Loveforce International announced its June 2022 book giveaways.

Santa Clarita, CA, May 30, 2022 --( Loveforce International will give away four books during the month of June. The four books will be given away, one at a time for four consecutive Fridays, June 3rd, June 10th, June 17th and June 24th. All of the books given away will be the e-book versions. They will all be given away, worldwide on Amazon exclusively, on the date indicated for each book only.

On Friday, June 3rd the e-book version of Stories of the Supernatural Volume 1 by Mark Wilkins, will be given away. Both English and Spanish language e-book versions will be given away. Stories of the Supernatural consist of a collection of short stories of a supernatural nature. Stories about Ghosts, demonic creatures and death are included. They range from the evil of “A Lump Of Coal” to the poignant humor of “A Ghost in the House.”

On Friday June 10th, the e-book version of The Loveforce International Reader Volume 4 by M Wilkins, G. Ishka, & The Prophet of Life will be given away. The book is a collection of eight different writings by three different authors. The writings cover a wide range from fictional drama, nonfiction, spiritual writings, and quotes.

On Friday June 17th the e-book version of Outrageous Stories! 2 by Mark Wilkins will be given away. The book is filled with offbeat and fictitious humor, mostly disguised as news articles, and advertisements. Some of the articles include a man who talks to God, One of the most hated people in history’s face appearing in an unexpected place, and odd holiday traditions.

On June 24th the e-book version of Finding God Without Religion, by The Prophet of Life will be given away. The book is geared towards various types of agnostic believers of God. It provides spiritual guidance by introducing new concepts, like Spiritual DNA, and providing different takes on life’s problems like failure and addiction.

“We are proud of the variety of books we are giving away in June,” said Loveforce International CEO Mark Thomas. “Whether readers enjoy scary stories, outrageous humor, being spiritually uplifted or sampling writings by different authors, we’ve got them covered. He continued.
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