Cavallo Horse & Rider Has Hoof Boots for Driving Very Small Equines and Miniature Horses

Cavallos hoof boots are helping Very Small Equines and Miniature Horses compete during driving competitions on the hard ground this show season.

Denver, CO, June 02, 2022 --( Cavallos hoof boots ( are helping Very Small Equines and Miniature Horses compete during driving competitions on the hard ground this summer show season.

Cavallo President Carole Herder says, "We love seeing miniature horses and VSE drive and even compete with our boots on! The Cavallo Cute Little Boots fit miniature and VSE well."

Check out the smallest hoof boot options here:

Cavallo also works closely with the American Driving Society ( to help their members’ horses stay well protected. In addition, Cavallo Boots are the official hoof boot of the American Miniature Horse Association (

The CLB Boots will help your VSE while you train for driving, during transport and if he ever has a hoof emergency. Here’s more from a horse owner who just reported in about her horse’s healing and training regimen.

Horse owner Virginia Brown writes, "Fernando recently competed at the ‘Carriage Classic in the Pines’ driving show in Southern Pines North Carolina. He did wonderfully, competing in VSE classes as well as pleasure, ladies, and reinsmanship. I got him about five years ago and he had not been trained to do much more than be a pasture pet. I taught him to drive three years ago and since then we have been on many adventures! He absolutely loves the attention and having a job."

Brown says Fernando healed after a bout of laminitis with the help of his Cavallo boots.

“In the spring of last year, he unfortunately had an episode of laminitis,” she says. “After rehabbing him and changing his diet per the veterinarian’s recommendation, he is healthier than ever! His Cavallo boots were absolutely critical to his recovery; making sure his feet are protected and he is comfortable to exercise. He wears them every time he exercises now. Fernando is a very special pony and is currently about 20 years old. Everyone who meets him falls absolutely in love with his sweet personality.”

Cavallo’s CLB or “Cute Little Boots” are available in a choice of colors including black, “Bling,” “Metallic Blue,” and “Unicorn Pink.”

The Cavallo website is loaded with research, testimonials, and FAQs to help guide you as you transition to barefoot and prepare to ride in any sport. Visit for more help or join the discussion on Facebook: Sign up here for Cavallo's free newsletter and special community discounts:

Carole Herder is the author of the #1-bestselling books: There Are No Horseshoes in Heaven and the newly-released Hoofprints on The Journey. Her company, Cavallo Horse & Rider Inc., manufactures and distributes horse products, including Cavallo Hoof Boots and Saddle Pads, to 26 countries worldwide. Herder designed and developed Cavallo Hoof Boots and Total Comfort System Saddle Pads. She's an honored recipient of the BCBusiness Women Innovator Award, Royal Bank of Canada Woman Entrepreneur Award, a member of the Women Presidents' Organization, and a certified Chopra University Yoga Instructor and Ayurvedic Teacher.

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