Future Horizons Presents "Autism: Parent to Parent, Sanity-Saving Advice for Parents with Children on the Autism Spectrum"

A child being diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder can leave parents feeling overwhelmed and alone. Suddenly they need to become an expert in treatment, diet, language development, social skills, special education law, insurance and a million other things.

Arlington, TX, June 08, 2022 --(PR.com)-- Autism: Parent to Parent is a guide to all of this and more. Veteran parent Shannon Penrod hosts Autism Live, the #1 rated Autism Podcast worldwide, now she is giving all her best resources, strategies, tips and information to help both parent and child survive and thrive.

Autism: Parent to Parent covers everything a parent needs to know such as:
- What to say to pushy relatives
- How to get the best treatment options
- How to deal with school
- Most importantly, how does one deal with all the emotions that come with day-to-day life?

Ms. Penrod covers all a parent of an individual with ASD needs to know, with honesty, humor and humility while empowering parents to rise to meet all the challenges and triumphs on their journey.
Future Horizons, Inc.
Carissa Williams