Bob Brill's Passion Project Shaken: The Great Sylmar Earthquake, is Available for Streaming

Shaken: The Great Sylmar Earthquake; a 50 year obsession for director Bob Brill, has been released and is available to stream on most major platforms. A joint effort between Brill Productions and The Magpie Film Company, this documentary tells the forgotten story of the Earthquake that forever changed how we responded to and worked to prevent, the heartbreaking destruction of these natural disasters.

Los Angeles, CA, June 09, 2022 --( The documentary Shaken: The Great Sylmar Earthquake, a fifty year obsession for director Bob Brill, finally gets its well deserved debut.

The film, which combines archival footage along with interviews with the survivors and heroes of this event, not only highlights the human toll of this half forgotten event; but brings into focus the way this one disaster forever changed seismology, building codes, and our modern response to urban search and rescue from Fukishima to 9-11.

"Having lived through the 1971 Sylmar Earthquake half a century ago, this event was always a labor of love to tell the real stories behind what happened," said Producer / Director Bobb Brill. "At the time we were focused on survival, but now we discover how important this seismic event was, it has made this story more important than ever."

Co-producer Edward Gusts concurred, "The film was a real juxtaposition of the amazing breakthroughs in science that this earthquake inspired and the heartbreaking human toll took. There were times in the interviews that I almost felt I should turn the camera off, these stories were so heartbreaking; but every one of these people is a survivor in every sense of the word, and they deserve to have their story told."

Shaken is available on Amazon, Vimeo, Reelgood, and Bluray.

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