Horticultural Asset Management, Inc. Launches TreeFactsTM Valuation and Inspection Reports

Cary, NC, May 22, 2008 --(PR.com)-- Doug Cowles, president and CEO of Horticultural Asset Management, Inc. (HMI) (www.moneygrowsontrees.com), has announced that the firm has launched a new series of inspection reports to be offered under the TreeFactsTM brand. The range of reports provides information to property owners about the types and general health of trees and shrubs on a property. Based on the property owner’s requirements, HMI can conduct an inspection of the large trees and shrubs near a home or structure which may be dangerous if they were to fall or lose limbs, or inspect trees and shrubs located on an entire property. Also available under the TreeFactsTM brand are tree valuation reports, which can be used to support insurance, tax or legal claims, as well as custom care guides, which provide detailed descriptions and customized care and maintenance instructions on each tree or shrub inspected.

HMI has the TreeFactsTM reports available to its client base, which consists of residential and commercial property owners and managers, insurance companies and real estate professionals. The firm’s national Premier Level Member (PLM) and Authorized Member (AM) network of certified arborists uses data collection software developed by HMI to inventory the types and sizes of trees and shrubs on its clients’ properties. The software is also capable of recording any symptoms or other characteristics which may affect the health and livelihood of the trees and shrubs. HMI’s system uses the data collected to produce its TreeFactsTM reports. For more information, please visit www.moneygrowsontrees.com.

“I am excited for the launch of our new TreeFactsTM brand,” said Cowles. “Our valuation and inspection services have gained momentum as the insurance industry has introduced new and comprehensive options for their clients. Property owners are becoming more aware of the value of their trees and shrubs and the importance of ensuring their health and structural integrity.”

“I am thrilled that our Premier Level Members and Authorized Members will be able to leverage our data collection, valuation and inspection software,” said Doug Malawsky, executive vice president and COO of HMI. “This will allow them to offer their clients a valuable service and provide themselves with a competitive advantage.”

About Horticultural Asset Management, Inc. (HMI):
Horticultural Asset Management, Inc. (HMI) is the only source for standardized replacement cost valuations and objective inspections of the condition of trees and shrubs (trees) on residential and commercial properties. Working with leading horticultural and arboricultural experts, HMI has developed proprietary data collection software which enables its national network of arborists to efficiently and accurately inventory the trees on a property. When this data is uploaded to HMI’s patent-pending evaluation system, the company is able to provide property owners, buyers, insurers, accountants and others with detailed reports that include critical information about the specific type, value and condition of these important assets. HMI is enabling property owners to better manage their valuable trees by supporting improved insurance products and providing important information about any trees which may require remedial services to protect against a loss of the tree or damage to a nearby structure or other asset. For more information, please visit the Web site at www.Moneygrowsontrees.com or call (866) 937-6468.

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