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Triple-Digit Temperatures Here to Stay - Make Sure Your AC Unit is Ready

Coral Springs, FL, July 07, 2022 --( Although summer has recently just begun, you may have noticed that things are already feeling much warmer than you remember.

As of Tuesday morning, the National Weather Service reported that widespread heat advisories are in effect from the Missouri Valley southeast to the Middle Mississippi Valley and Mid-South as the combination of high temperatures and high humidity levels push heat indices closer to an uncomfortable 105-110 degrees. Things are heating up quickly and do not seem to be cooling down any time soon.

With the impending, intense heat waves that keep rolling through, what can you do to prepare and keep cool? Check on the health of your air conditioning unit. Is your AC unit over 15 years old and consistently breaking down? It may be time to bite the bullet and look for a new unit that is ready to work overtime to combat the heat.

If your AC unit is in decent shape, an easy way to keep it healthy is to replace your furnace filters consistently and regularly. A high-efficiency furnace filter not only cleans the air you breathe, but also ensures that your unit's coils remain clean. If you constantly forget to switch out your air filters, your coils will become dirty and accumulate build-up.

“Dirty coils will hinder your AC system's overall performance and lead to more frequent breakdowns over time. This is a waste of your valuable time and money, and can easily be prevented as long as you stick to an appropriate filter replacement schedule,” explains Rachel Rosen, Marketing Director of Air Sponge Filter Company.

Take a second to think. Would you rather take preventative maintenance measures now to keep your AC unit healthy? Or deal with your unit breaking down amid temperatures as high as 110 degrees Fahrenheit? We think this one is a no-brainer.

Stay cool this summer and take care of your AC unit, so it can continue to take care of you.
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