Seven Stages Publishing House, LLC is Proud to Announce the Book Release of Its Newest Lesbian Author from Columbus, Ga., Fina

Seven Stages Publishing House, LLC is proud to introduce Fina, the pen name of Columbus, Ga.'s newest lesbian author. Her new book, You Think You Know, is a collection of short stories and poems about lesbian erotica in the African American community. Her style is bold and fresh.

Columbus, GA, June 03, 2008 --( Georgia’s newest author gives lesbian erotica a brand new twist.

Fina, the pen name of Jackson, Mississippi’s native daughter and Columbus, Georgia’s current resident, is a true lesbian whose artistic passion is African American lesbian erotica. You Think You Know is her first book in a series of new books about lesbian erotica.

You Think You Know, a fiction book published in 2008, is a collection of short stories about the challenges and situations that lesbians and bisexuals face in their intimate relationships with one another. It is also about the fantasies many lesbian and bisexual women have, but oftentimes are too shy or too consumed in tradition to make them come true. Fina’s book begins with a 3:00 AM sexual escapade with a couple who before then, only knew how to go to work and then to sleep. Fina’s book goes on to introduce the reader to an undercover professor, an undercover femme, and later takes the reader inside the glamour and adventure of one of Atlanta’s Southside swingers club for women only.

Fina felt it was necessary to write You Think You Know and share it with other women so that they would understand there is more to lesbian erotica than romance and sweet, sultry words. She wanted lesbians and bisexual women to be proud of their sexuality and to not be afraid to express it. Her work has been described as “bold and uncut.” Fina admits that writing this book was a challenge for her for several reasons. As a first time author, she wondered who would be interested in reading about what lesbians and bisexuals really do in the bedroom. Her main concern, however, was the response she would receive from her family, particularly her mother who is a minister. In one interview, Fina stated that her mother was her greatest hero and that she wanted her mother to be proud of her despite her sexuality.

Fina has plans to write subsequent books dealing with African American lesbian erotica and poetry.


Fina is a first-time published author who lives in Columbus, Georgia with her children and lifetime partner. She is available for comment at 770.402.8854 or visit her website at

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