Modern Campus Helps Higher Education Institutions Articulate the Value of Co-Curricular Learning

SmartTranscriptâ„¢ for Modern Campus Presence Enables Institutions to Display the Importance of Essential Skill Development Outside the Classroom

Toronto, Canada, July 20, 2022 --( Modern Campus, higher education’s leading modern engagement platform, today announced the first-of-its-kind solution for empowering students to articulate the essential workforce skills they’ve developed through co-curricular engagement.

SmartTranscript enables student affairs professionals and modern learners to demonstrate the value of co-curricular learning and its direct impact on employability. This solution provides three distinct ways for students to track their skill development progress and share that learning with prospective employers: an interactive web-based portal, a physical PDF/printable co-curricular transcript to include with resumes and a unique URL that can be highlighted on networking websites like LinkedIn.

Demonstrating workforce readiness is a crucial part of the modern learner journey. According to research by Monster, 85.5% of employers want to hire new college graduates with excellent problem-solving skills, and nearly 77% of hiring managers expect graduates to demonstrate other key skills like teamwork and leadership. These essential skills are often developed and advanced outside of the classroom through co-curricular engagement opportunities, such as campus events, student organizations, internships, work-study and service-learning projects.

SmartTranscript for Modern Campus Presence was built by student affairs professionals who experienced firsthand the challenges of measuring student learning outside the classroom at scale and providing students with the tools needed to articulate their essential skills in tune with current employer demands. What’s more, this transcript has already helped dozens of institutions increase their graduates’ employment rates up to 86%.

“Modern Campus Presence has helped us shape how we connect events, activities and experiences to learning and outcomes,” said Ken Gassiot, associate vice president for student development at Georgia Southern University. “Now, more than ever, is a time that universities must demonstrate how we are preparing students for life. We are telling a story of engagement and impact through student participation, event check in and data analysis in ways we were unable to do before.”

SmartTranscript for Modern Campus Presence:

· Enables higher education institutions to measure co-curricular learning at scale
· Empowers institutions to use best-in-practice gamification techniques through learning pathways that connect specific experiences with individual skills
· Creates a framework of competencies, skills and levels that institutions can customize to support a homegrown co-curricular learning outcome framework or an industry standard of their choice, such as NACE, LEAP, DQP or CAS
· Prompts students to discover new skills and articulate their strengths accurately and confidently

SmartTranscript highlights not just which skills students developed but how by revealing the intrinsic links between engagement and skills development.

“Students are learning in-demand skills, but they don’t know how to articulate their experiences in line with industry needs,” said Reuben Pressman, chief product officer at Modern Campus. “SmartTranscript is revolutionary in its simplicity. It benefits the millions of modern learners who are seeking to prove the value of all the time they spent involved in co-curricular programming, supports Student Affairs departments in their efforts to connect student engagement to employability, and it helps employers find qualified candidates.”

About Modern Campus

Modern Campus is obsessed with empowering its nearly 2,000 higher education customers to thrive when radical transformation is required to respond to lower student enrollments and revenue, rising costs, crushing student debt, and administrative complexity.

The Modern Campus engagement platform powers solutions for non-traditional student management, web content management, catalog and curriculum management, student engagement and development, conversational text messaging, career pathways, and campus maps and virtual tours. The result: innovative institutions can create a learner-to-earner lifecycle that engages modern learners for life, while providing modern administrators with the tools needed to streamline workflows and drive high efficiency.

Modern Campus Presence empowers institutions to map and understand the entire student journey from Day 1, enabling learners to create learning pathways and gamify the earning of essential skills - all while streamlining organizational processes, collecting massive participation data, and assessing the impact you have on retention.

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