YoloLiv Announces YoloCast - The New Cloud Platform to Host, Monetize and Broadcast Platforms with Superior Viewing Experience

Hangzhou, China, July 25, 2022 --(PR.com)-- YoloLiv, a professional live video production system, introduced its new go-to live streaming platform: YoloCast, a cloud-based service that gives people more control than ever to deliver professional live videos and engage the audiences.

About YoloCast
YoloCast is a reliable solution that offers a wide collection of streaming features and functionality for professional broadcasters. Especially, it’s a great choice for
broadcasters who are looking for embedding a player to their own websites with just a copy-and-paste.

YoloCast supports both live and on-demand streaming on every plan, it is the preferred option by many. It has been trusted by users in sport, churches, weddings, organizations and many more, with increasing popularity.

Highlights From YoloCast Streaming Features

Stream up to 1080p60fps
When it comes to live streaming, video quality is the number one priority, and nothing enhances the picture quite like a high frame rate. YoloCast supports streaming quality up to 1080p60fps to ensure the best video production.

YoloCast allows people to multistream their broadcasts to multiple destinations like YouTube, Facebook and Twitch simultaneously and providing a wider reach for every video, potential audience and helping to cultivate their brands.

Simulated Live
Sometimes it’s advantageous to rebroadcast a stream with high engagement or upload a video recording and schedule it for a future time to build excitement and foster interaction. With Simulated Live, YoloCast allows users to present events to their viewers that seems like it’s happening in real time even though it’s not.

Embed to Website
YoloCast gives users full control to their contents by streaming to their own websites and social channels. It also brings their viewers closer to the brands. YoloCast allows users to embed a player, player plus description or a full featured layout to their websites with just a copy-and-paste.

Graphic Overlays
This feature allows people to customize their streams and boost brand identity by adding name tags, titles, logos and more. There are multiple graphic overlays to choose from, including lower-thirds, image overlays, social overlays, countdown timer overlays, title and more.

Highlight Clipping

Through Highlight Clipping, it allows people to capture significant moments from their broadcast and share them on social media or elsewhere) in smaller segments. It helps community to stay connected with the events even if life gets busy.

The YoloCast lists start from $99 to $199, but is currently available at a street price from $69 to $149. YoloCast also offers custom plan for enterprises at all levels. Get your 14-days free trial now at dashboard.yololiv.com.

To know more about YoloCast, please visit: https://www.yololiv.com/yolocast-overview

About YoloLiv
YoloLiv designs and manufactures high-performance video solutions for broadcasting. It‘s dedicated to providing simple, reliable and cutting-edge products and services to deliver new and innovative ways of live streaming. YoloLiv technology is now used around the world by professionals and amateurs alike to capture and share compelling video content. For more information, please visit www.yololiv.com

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