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Bloomington, IN, May 23, 2008 --(PR.com)-- New Novel Explores Boston Teen’s Overnight Hero Status, Quest to Stay in the Limelight.

Stephen Ball’s ‘Headline’ Offers Thrilling Plot about Fame at Any Cost.

With a society that prizes celebrity and a media that creates an obsession for the latest news, real-life do-gooders are not only quickly pulled from the limelight, but are also forgotten by the public. It is before this backdrop that Boston teenager and comic fanatic Billy Winters, the protagonist of Stephen Ball’s new novel, Headline, finds himself. One minute he is a hero, and the next, someone who would do anything to stay that way.

Billy is an average teenager, except that his love of the comic book world spills over into his day-to-day life. His admiration for the character Red Valor is what fills his spare hours. But when the BurgerLand where he works suddenly goes up in flames, it is Red Valor that he channels when he saves a girl from the blaze and instantly becomes what he has always dreamed of being: a superhero.

Billy, who has been labeled a geek and bullied for years, was now the one on top. This is primarily thanks to Boston Globe reporter Ben Coombs. Coombs himself gets wrapped up in Billy’s story, and when Billy sees his 15 minutes of fame quickly running out, it is Coombs who irresponsibly aids Billy’s quest to generate his own headlines — all in an effort to prove that he really is a true hero. This misguided string of choices peaks with an act of desperation and madness that defines true heroism for both characters.

Original and witty, Headline is a page-turner. A great summer read that is not only captivating, but thought-provoking as well, it is listed as an iUniverse Publisher’s Choice title. Ball explores the experiences of today’s bullied teens, the public’s frenzy over the latest news, and the desire to be famous through a well-told story in which readers connect with the young Billy Winters and the up-and-coming reporter who enables Billy’s strange plan to get back into the limelight.

About the Author
Avid comic book reader Stephen Ball lives with his family in London, Ontario, Canada. A graduate of York University in Toronto, he earned bachelor’s degrees in Fine Arts - Cultural Studies and English.

978-0-595-46964-2 • 6 x 9 • Trade Paperback • 272 pages • $17.95 • iUniverse

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