Endolumik Receives Patent for Their Near-Infrared Surgical Technology Designed to Make Minimally Invasive Procedures Safer

Patent covers surgical devices using Near Infrared (NIR) for measurement and visualization.

Endolumik Receives Patent for Their Near-Infrared Surgical Technology Designed to Make Minimally Invasive Procedures Safer
Morgantown, WV, July 28, 2022 --(PR.com)-- Endolumik, a medical device startup company, announced that the United States Patent and Trademark office has issued a patent for their technology, which improves visualization during minimally invasive gastrointestinal surgery. The initial invention (US Patent No. 11,389,266) embodiment is a fluorescence-guided gastric calibration tube, which is designed to improve safety and outcomes in bariatric and foregut surgeries.

Endolumik uses near-infrared light (NIR) in a novel way to allow surgeons to better visualize surgical tools and measure anatomical features during procedures. “This patent award is a major milestone for the company,” said Nova Szoka, the inventor of the technology and founder of Endolumik. “Our mission has always been to improve surgical workflow for clinicians while driving better outcomes for patients. We’re excited to get our product in surgeons’ hands to make these procedures safer for patients.”

Gastric calibration tubes are commonly used in gastric and bariatric surgeries today. However, the majority of these tubes are difficult to see inside the stomach, which can lead to costly medical errors. The Endolumik Gastric Calibration Tube with patented fluorescence-guidance is designed to improve visualization for the surgical team and enable safer surgeries with better outcomes for patients.

Mara McFadden, Endolumik’s CEO, commented, “This patent award is critical to our ability to successfully commercialize and launch this device. We are convinced that we can meaningfully improve the standard of care in laparoscopic and robotic surgery.”

The foundational intellectual property was developed at West Virginia University, and licensed by Endolumik. Endolumik is a portfolio company of Country Road Angel Network (CRAN), a venture capital fund investing in companies who are driving innovation in West Virginia. “Endolumik continues to build momentum for a significant commercial launch next year,” said Kevin Combs, CRAN Chairman. “We are excited to see them advancing the frontiers of digital surgery using fluorescence guided surgical tools.”

Endolumik, Inc. is a medical device company developing novel tools for laparoscopic surgery. Its patented fluorescence guided surgical tools are designed to make minimally invasive surgical procedures safer and more effective. Learn more at www.endolumik.com.
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