Bucharest Stock Exchange and Depozitarul Central Launch the Online Investors Enrollment Platform

Bucharest Stock Exchange (BVB) and Depozitarul Central announce the launch of the Investors Enrollment Platform, a solution built entirely on the Aurachain low-code platform and integrated with eVOTE to facilitate fast onboarding, easy participation and single-click online voting for shareholders and investors in General Shareholders Meetings.

Bucharest, Romania, September 22, 2022 --(PR.com)-- Bucharest Stock Exchange (BVB) and Depozitarul Central continue the digital transformation efforts by launching the Investors Enrollment Platform with the help of its partners, Aurachain and eVOTE. Through this platform, following an identification procedure for individuals, user accounts are created, enabling investors to participate online and vote electronically at the General Shareholders Meetings organized by the companies listed on BVB. This new digital solution was created by Aurachain, a low-code development platform that helps businesses to rapidly digitize their operational processes. As part of the project, eVOTE provides the first online and physical participation solution for the General Shareholders Meetings, introduced in Romania more than two years ago and currently used by over 20 companies listed on BVB.

In a first phase, the Investors Enrollment online platform is available from any Internet-connected desktop or laptop using the Google Chrome web browser through the following link, https://www.roclear.ro/Inrolare-Investitori or directly from Depozitarul Central's homepage at, https://www.depozitarulcentral.ro. The user account is created through a facial identification process or using a digital signature for holders of certified digital certificates. The solution will enable listed company shareholders to benefit easier from the services of capital market institutions, using a user account and a single point of contact. By using their login credentials, investors can participate online and vote electronically at the General Shareholders Meetings conducted by companies listed on the Bucharest Stock Exchange that use the eVOTE Platform and where the investors own shares.

The partnership between BVB, Depozitarul Central, and eVOTE will improve the operational efficiency of publicly traded companies by lowering the administrative workload and costs associated with conducting the General Shareholders Meetings. At the same time, companies’ shareholders that use the eVOTE Platform will be able to vote much more rapidly, with a single click, and to participate in such meetings from anywhere as long as they are internet-connected.

The Investors Enrollment Platform can be used in the future for various purposes, such as facilitating some services for investors, including online access to additional services offered by Depozitarul Central - for example, obtaining account statements.

"The pandemic episode we went through launched one of the most interesting challenges: accelerated digitalization in all fields. Depozitarul Central has always invested massively and sustainably in automation and digitalization to ensure high-quality services, but above all, to provide solutions for our customers' benefit and comfort. The launch of the Investors Enrollment Platform, with access to the eVOTE electronic voting service, is a natural step in the development, optimization and modernization of the services offered to the partners of Depozitarul Central. This platform will be improved and completed with all the facilities an investor needs, depending on the opportunities we will identify. We are happy to be able to offer, together with Bucharest Stock Exchange, this very important and useful service for all actors involved in the Romanian capital market," said Silvia Buicanescu, Depozitarul Central CEO.

"It is obvious that we can no longer talk about the capital market without referring to digitalization. The project that is now operational, the Investors Enrollment Platform, developed with Aurachain partners and colleagues from Depozitarul Central, represents a step forward in simplifying the access to the capital market for investors. As the first step, the platform will digitize the process of investor participation in the General Shareholders Meetings of companies listed at the stock exchange and the voting process, carried out through eVOTE - the online system for participating in the General Shareholders Meetings. Subsequently, the benefits of the platform will be extended to the development of other digital services for investors. Bucharest Stock Exchange has always searched to identify technological solutions that facilitate investors' and issuers' access to the capital market, and the launch of this platform surely contributes to that goal," said Adrian Tanase, Bucharest Stock Exchange CEO.
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