How to Become an Author: Write with Purpose Local Publishing Company to Highlight Their Published Authors

Hartford, CT, September 08, 2022 --( Learn how to become an Author and meet up to 20+ authors from all over the country.

About this event

On September 21, Publish Your Purpose invites the general public to attend How to Become an Author | Write with Purpose. This will explore the difficult, but rewarding, adventure that is writing a book and getting it published.

The public will have the opportunity to meet and speak with over 20+ published authors & aspiring authors from all over the country. And they will also have the opportunity to meet with the Publish Your Purpose (PYP) team, a local CT-based publishing company.

How to Become an Author | Write with Purpose event was designed with writers in mind. A writer might consider attending if they:

- Are a thought leader and an expert in their industry looking to go further.
- Considered writing a book, but don't know where to start.
- Already wrote a draft and want to learn more about publishing.
- Started writing a book but don't know the next step.
- Already published a book but are struggling to make something of it.

At the How to Become an Author | Write with Purpose event, the writers will learn:

- A better understanding of what it takes to publish a book.
- How to make a book a powerful and profitable part of their brand.
- The ins and the outs of the writing process.
- What the next step is for their book.

This event was built to help you with a writer's needs, no matter what those needs are. While snacking and networking with other innovators and leaders, writers will get a chance to hear from published authors and experienced publishing industry professionals.

They can meet:

- Experts in the publishing field.
- Experts in fields like speaking, diversity & inclusion, consulting, caregiving, and more.
- Authors that know how difficult it is to take the words in their head and put them on paper.

The featured local Connecticut authors for the evening include:

Cathi Nelson - Photo Organizing Made Easy
Eileen Scully - In the Company of Men
Beth Bolton - For The Love of Cake
Jennifer Rosado - My Alternate Universe
Angella Watkis-Francis - The Power of Marrsing
j.e. Rome - Tapped, Yet Unrooted
Tricia Hynacinth - The Colours I Am
Angela Silva Mendes - Getting There By Being Here

Authors coming from across the United States include:

Betsy Cerulo - Shake It Off Leadership (Baltimore, MD)
Lisa Wise - Self-Elected (Washington, DC)
Cynthia Changyit Levin - From Changing Diapers to Changing the World (St. Louis, MO)
Max Masure - You (Don't) Suck (New York, NY)
Ryan Joseph Allen - My Drug Dealer Brought Me to God (Cincinatti, OH)
Fiona Dawson - Are Bisexuals Just Greedy? (Austin, TX)
Katie Wood - A Simple Seed of Growth, Gratitude & Giggles (Cape Cod, MA)
Rhonda Chadwick - Secrets from the Stacks (Providence, RI)

Aspiring authors (those who are actively writing their books) include:

Chris Davis
Monica Leggett
Kim Fleck

With so many authors present, there will be no shortage of stories and a diversity of answers to any questions someone may have.

To learn more about Publish Your Purpose, please visit
Publish Your Purpose Press
Niki Garcia