Health Technology Startup Prescribe FIT Still Hiring Amid Mass Tech Layoffs

Prescribe FIT, a full service remote patient monitoring solution, continues to grow their team despite mass layoffs affecting over 30,000 tech workers as of July 2022. The company is seeking growth-oriented, diverse candidates with drive, passion and a commitment to living a healthy lifestyle themselves.

Columbus, OH, August 31, 2022 --( Local healthcare technology startup Prescribe FIT is continuing their search for new talent, with the goal to fill at least 10 roles in the next 30 days and an additional 25 roles by the end of the year. The move is a significant departure from recent industry-wide layoffs affecting at least 30,000 tech workers as of July of this year.

In addition to 16 new hires in the previous six months, Prescribe FIT is currently hiring a Sales Development Representative, a Mid-Level Full Stack Software Engineer, several Health Coach Care Coordinators and a Data Engineer.

Brock Leonti, CEO of Prescribe FIT, notes that the company is particularly keen on hiring diverse, strategic and growth-oriented candidates with a personal commitment to living a healthy lifestyle themselves.

“We’re scaling this business the right way with the right people,” said Leonti. “I’m a huge proponent of hiring passionate, diverse individuals who offer smart contributions to our future and live our core values. We take that seriously, which is why we reciprocated that commitment by offering ownership in the company to our current employees.”

Prescribe FIT’s hiring surge is just one of their many recent milestones. The company launched a new mobile app and website in June and July, respectively, and one of their partner practices, JIS Orthopedics of New Albany, achieved 5,000 lbs. of total weight lost by patients.

“We are really excited about the future of Prescribe FIT, the team that we’re building and our ability to achieve our mission of transforming lifestyles for optimal health and improved wellness alongside our partner orthopedic practices,” Leonti added. “With this team, achieving that goal feels truly inevitable.”

Applicants interested in an opportunity with Prescribe FIT are encouraged to apply via their website at

About Prescribe FIT:
Prescribe FIT is a full-service remote monitoring and virtual lifestyle health solution designed to help orthopedic patients improve their musculoskeletal (MSK) health at home by making simple changes to their lifestyle. By focusing on root cause medicine and whole person health, Prescribe FIT aims to address the obesity crisis in the United States and drastically improve patients’ day-to-day lives.

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