Don’t Let Your Mental Health Fall, This Fall Pre-Register for zant. Today

Bridgewater, NJ, August 30, 2022 --( When you think of the fall season you might think of pumpkin-spiced lattes, going back to school, holiday festivities and football Sundays. While fall brings many enjoyable experiences, according to Boston University, “10 million Americans (will) Experience seasonal affective Disorder,” also known as S.A.D. While we can not avoid seasonal depression, there might be an interesting solution to get ahead of S.A.D., which involves $0 to start and $0 for your first consultation.

On September 1, a new app will be offering over 25 specialty focus areas such as trauma, health and wellness, stress and burnout management, and more for $0 to access and $0 for your first session. With a refreshed path to getting your foot in the door with an expert in over 25 categories of mental health support, zant. will be accessible to all in need across all 50 states on the Apple Store for IOS on September 1. For those who typically struggle with S.A.D. or are feeling the pressure and anxieties that come with being back to school, they recommend giving zant. a try to get the support you need without the many roadblocks that can stand in between proper mental health support. You can pre-register for advanced access by going to

According to a published report by Dr. David Avery, M.D., “There are treatments for the condition (S.A.D.), but a majority of people don’t seek help... About 60% never received treatment for depression.” Those in need who participate in the pre-registration for zant. will receive first access to the app prior to the rest of the nation and gain first access to hundreds of experts with a variety of focus areas. Additionally, zant. offers special rates to students for $25 and as low as $50 for individuals. All of those in need will be entitled to a free first session to serve as a consultation, allowing clients and providers to determine whether or not seeing one another again makes sense in the process of finding the “right fit.” Whether you are starting school or getting ready for the holidays, taking the chance to connect with someone who can help may be worth it - we all know how tough the fall season can be.

What if there was a way to ease your anxiety and stress? zant.’s mission is to serve those in need by guiding them through self-awareness and knowledge within personal experiences. And best of all, it's free! So why wait? Pre-sign up today and be one of the first to experience zant. this fall when it launches on September 1.
Charlie Diana