Loveforce International Announces September Book Giveaways

Loveforce International announces its September book giveaways.

Santa Clarita, CA, September 03, 2022 --( Loveforce International will give away four books during the month of September. The books will be given away one at a time, in succession, on four consecutive Friday’s beginning on Friday, September 9th, and ending on Friday, September 30th. Each of the book giveaways will coincide with Loveforce International Digital Music Singles releases. Each book given away will be the E-book version of the book. All of the book giveaways will be worldwide on Amazon exclusively.

The book that will be given away on Friday, September 9th Outrageous Stories 2 by Mark Wilkins. The book is filled with offbeat more fictitious and outrageous humor articles and stories. The book makes fun of treasured holiday traditions, the rich, the famous, and the infamous. The book is targeted toward college-age or older adults with an offbeat, irreverent, sense of humor.

The book that will be given away on Friday, September 16th Classroom Confessions 2 English & Spanish versions by Mark Wilkins. The book contains stories filled with offbeat teachers, bright students, thugs, bullies, heroes, and lyrics that attempt to bring the reality of public education along with its struggles and glory to life for the reader. The book introduces characters like Mr. Happyhands, The French Substitute, Dean Bravo, and The Bushwhacker. The book is written from the memories of someone who has been involved in Public Education for many years.

The book that will be given away on Friday, September 23rd is A Week’s Worth Of Fiction 2 By Mark Wilkins. The book features seven different Science Fiction stories each followed by a poem that provides further insight into the story or character in the story. Within its pages, you will find stories about a girl who has the cure for a deadly disease, a woman on a date with a psychosomatic disease called prophecy, a robot chicken, a supernatural fly, an astral projection, a teacher in a new job where everything is not what it seems and a futuristic world where the only economy is barter.

The book that will be given away on Friday, September 30th is The Loveforce International Reader 2 by Mark Wilkins. The Prophet of Life, Gary Ishka The book contains eight different stories from eight different books by three different authors. The writings include stories about personal faith, a world of bartering, a wet woman, a big fish, a killing season, teachers, and random quotes.

“As usual, we have chosen books for giveaways that both are representational of the rich variety of genres and subject matter available in the over 100 books we publish and are related in a way to the Digital Music Singles we are releasing that week,” said Loveforce International CEO Mark Thomas.

“Outrageous Stories is an offbeat parallel to the song “Another Nail In Your Coffin” by Billy Ray Charles. Classroom Confessions is related to the new song “School Is A Microcosm Of Life” by Teacherz. A Week’s Worth of Fiction 2, are Science Fiction Stories, which kind of go with the concept of Ami Cannon’s song “A Little Boy From Above.” The Loveforce International Reader 2, goes nicely with the song “Je Joue” being released that week, as they both represent samplings. “Je Joue” is a sampler song in that it is released under different titles in different cultures, having Spanish, Swahili, Hindu, and Arabic title translations being released simultaneously in different nations,” he Continued.

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