Zoo Media Debuts a Green Alternative to Plastic Bottles to Promote Zoos in America

Severance, CO, September 08, 2022 --(PR.com)-- Zoo Media is elated to introduce Pure Box Water, an earth-friendly, cardboard water container that allows for maximum zoo advertising while playing a leading role in preserving America's land and wildlife.

Dan Kost, Chief Executive Officer of Zoo Media, said, "The clever promotion will
allow zoos to post their messaging, animal stories, and images of their park on water
products, for the first time. With this new initiative, customers will receive
educational information about animal endangerment awareness and fun facts about
their favorite zoo habitat every time they are thirsty."

Pure Box Water takes earth-conscious measures, such as using windmills and
biodegradable materials that decompose naturally, in order to reduce its own carbon
footprint and help prevent the littering of plastic bottles on beaches or in oceans.

Zoo Media's vision is to empower zoos across the U.S. by increasing visitor numbers
and allowing zoos to profit from environment-friendly water boxes sold at on-site
concessions and off-site shops, while providing a green option for advertising.

For inquiries about business requests and the Pure Box Water specs, please contact
Dan Kost, CEO of Zoo Media, at (323) 255-1212 or Dan@ZooMedia.US

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