Michigan-Based and Woman-Owned Business Launches Certified Sustainable and Premium Canned Wine Brand

After three years of strategic development, SolSummit launches in the Michigan market.

Ann Arbor, MI, September 09, 2022 --(PR.com)-- SolSummit is a woman-owned and Ann Arbor-based business partnering with a fourth-generation family vineyard in Clarksburg, CA. The product is a first of its kind in the regional market. SolSummit offers to consumers a certified sustainable and certified green canned wine option that is premium and portable. SolSummit is developed from grape to glass with the same producer - promising consistency and quality in what the consumer receives. After three years of development, SolSummit launched in July and is currently sold in over 100 Michigan retailers. Given the rise in canned RTD beverages and craft products, SolSummit’s Founder and Chief Wine Lady, Emily Dabish Yahkind, saw that frequently canned wines include a significant amount of additives and are less than desirable to consumers who want a natural product. Dabish Yahkind sought to create a canned wine that can accompany you on your travels or athletic endeavors. Rather than opt for a craft beer or settle for a complicated glass bottle - SolSummit seeks to fill a void.

In Clarksburg, the partner vineyard is cradled between the Mayacama Mountains and Sierra Nevadas. The Sacramento River’s fresh melted snow mass nurtures the viticultural environment; forty miles as the crow flies from the Napa Valley.

SolSummit is committed to sustainable business practices and supporting family vineyards; seeking out wines that are minimal intervention and derived from organic farms. SolSummit is designed as a boutique brand whose story is evident to the consumer, where the natural features of the vineyard mirror the ethos of the brand. The clean monochromatic packaging appeals to a variety of buyers across commercial outlets. In an age where brands seek to be attention-grabbing, SolSummit presents itself as laid-back and less-fussy. SolSummit is available in a rosé, red wine blend, and Sauvignon Blanc. Whether at the beach or looking for a post-run pick-me-up, SolSummit has the consumer covered.
Emily Dabish Yahkind