Boston Artist "Make MyOwn" Ready to Show What He's Made of Following Debut of His Second Album, "Subconscious"

Coming out of Dorchester, Massachusetts, a small town sitting in the city of Boston, Make MyOwn finally decides to come out of hiding and release music of his own. He understands it's a long journey. However, he is up for the challenge.

Boston Artist "Make MyOwn" Ready to Show What He's Made of Following Debut of His Second Album, "Subconscious"
Boston, MA, September 19, 2022 --( Debuting his second studio album, Make MyOwn displays what it's like to know what is going inside his head. His inner ideas attempt to take control of him and his actions without his complete understanding in exchange for a deal. Born and raised in the city of Boston, Massachusetts, Make MyOwn promises to provide the path toward music diversity within his hometown. "I'm not seeing much exposure or anything at all in regards to music coming out of my city. Hence, the reason why I decided to step in and 'Make MyOwn,'" says the Boston artist. "I'd like to consider this a building block and give people a chance to hear exactly what they enjoy in an artist. I promise to respond to them."

Make MyOwn takes his listeners on a personal journey with his sound during his second studio album. "Forcing a smile on your face will never make you feel any different than what you truly feel inside. I want my sound to enable the world to experience the good, the flawed, and the unlovely," Make MyOwn goes on to state. Make MyOwn considers his sound a safe place for others to lay out all of their emotions. His ability to soften his voice while still keeping the same amount of force and charge is masterful throughout this album.

"Insane" shares conflict with his significant other while being repeatedly bugged by the back of his mind to construct decisions he knows his correct state of mind would choose to stay away from. "I don't wanna wait no more. I don't wanna waste your love. Found a way we can go and know no way where there's a law," He sings. Acknowledging the forces holding him back, he still refuses to let them gain their force onto him. This is what he wants to share. Letting go of the negative elements in your life and simply "letting things be."

His main goal is to further explain the priority of self-care and self-worth; None of which will occur without coming into contact with those in an attempt to harm you and your inner-self. "You need to come in contact with your personal demons because at times, they know you better than yourself as absurd as it sounds. Mainly due to their access within elements and regions of yourself you were not even aware you obtained." Make MyOwn declares with pure certainty. Make MyOwn brings his listeners into his circle of love, hate, and indecisiveness. "This is all a learning experience and a point in life we all need to experience no matter where we are on the timeline of our journey. It is all about the process of moving forward.” Make MyOwn vows to elucidate that no one is ever alone.
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