The Dylan Sidoo Scholarship for Aspiring Tech-Entrepreneurs Now Available

The Dylan Sidoo Scholarship for Aspiring Tech-Entrepreneurs Now Available
Vancouver, Canada, September 14, 2022 --( In modern times, it is almost impossible to imagine going through life without the help of technology. Technology has made it significantly easier to handle the daily qualms of everyday life and allows us to indulge ourselves more with time. A tech entrepreneur is a unique kind of entrepreneur that aims to help others through the use of technology while also innovating the kind of solutions they make. Becoming a tech entrepreneur is considerably tricky because of the necessary skillset and knowledge you need to learn which is why it is important to attend a good quality university that can deliver all these. Sadly, not every tech entrepreneur can realistically do this because of financial constraints as the cost of education continues to rise. This sad reality is what pushes Dylan Sidoo to make a difference by his means through a scholarship program he just recently opened.

The Dylan Sidoo Scholarship for Tech Entrepreneurs is a scholarship program that is primarily geared towards students who wish to pursue the career path of an entrepreneur with a focus on the technology industry. The scholarship is inviting all university students who are set on this career path or even have an interest in technology and entrepreneurship to apply for the scholarship. Applicants must be enrolled in university and studying technology. Furthermore, high school students are also invited to apply for the scholarship as it is opening its doors to graduating high school students who plan on entering university to become tech entrepreneurs. Students are required to answer the question: “Describe an issue or problem that exists in the world, and how you could use a new technology to improve upon it,” which the students will submit with their scholarship application. This essay will serve as the basis for the student who will selected for the scholarship of $1,000. These funds will go towards financing their studies and pay for some of their education and tuition fees.

Having spent many years as a tech entrepreneur, Dylan understands the major benefits and roles that education plays in finding success as an entrepreneur in the field of technology. He knows that not everyone is fortunate enough to attend university which is why he launched this scholarship program. Dylan hopes that this scholarship program will encourage young entrepreneurs to pursue their ambitions and achieve their goals.

Interested applicants can visit the official Dylan Sidoo Scholarship website that he launched for the scholarship to learn more about it. The site contains all the details about the scholarship as well as any updates and how students can apply.
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