AirSync Hits 250K Flights in Bringing Cost Effective Aircraft and Safety Management to General Aviation

AirSync passed the 250K flight mark from its installed based of aircraft. The system has already provided significant increases in aircraft management efficiency and safety to owners, pilots, operators, and training schools. Data and reports from flights are available near real time via the web platform and smart phone app, and can be shared between various stakeholders and integrated third party services.

Germantown, MD, September 16, 2022 --( AirSync passed 250K flights from its rapidly growing installed base of over 600 aircraft, providing cost effective aircraft connectivity and management for owners, pilots, operators, and training schools in the General Aviation space. Near real time reports from the system include flight data and times, fuel levels, maintenance and engine parameters, exceedances, FOQA, and pilot performance. The AirSync web platform provides user accounts with many data sharing options and integrations to third party services, such as flight data monitoring, engine analysis, pilot performance, accounting and taxes and many more. An AirSync iPhone app is also available with the system. The cost effective services are already making a difference in how small aircraft are managed and flown, and AirSync is looking forward to significant increases in aircraft management efficiency and safety. Go to for more information on the AirSync system.
Jason Harris