California Criminal Defense Attorney Joseph McPeak Releases a YouTube Video Explaining Points on Your Driving Record

Virtuoso Criminal and DUI Lawyers, a California criminal defense and DUI defense law firm (, releases a Youtube video explaining how the driving points system words and how points can affect a driving record (video here:

Hayward, CA, September 15, 2022 --( California Criminal and DUI Defense Firm, Virtuoso Criminal and DUI Lawyers, offers their knowledge on the driving points system. Joseph McPeak, an attorney for the firm, further elaborates on the topic in a recently released YouTube Video.

“There are different types of violations, such as moving violations, which can include speeding, unsafe turning, and red light violations. If found guilty of these in traffic court, one gets negligent operator points assessed against their license. Insurance companies factor this into their calculations in deciding how much insurance will cost. If one receives too many points within a year, one can be labeled negligent operator and may get a one year license suspension with no eligibility for a restricted license,” says Mr. McPeak.

Joseph McPeak also gives hope to those that may think they are illegible for traffic school and even to those that think their offense is “not worth fighting.” He explains that an attorney can get creative when trying to avoid points towards a driving record.

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